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  1. Happy Birthday Pulse!

  2. HI all, long time reader - first post! I am contemplating the purchase of an early XR6-T for a development project and, from the many many posts here, the 4 speed auto is a throw away item once average to serious power is applied.... My question is, does anyone have info or advice on converting to a ZF 6-speed auto, or should we just slot in a beefed up C4? I would like to retain the electroic box for tuning purposes BUT there are hundreds of sub-10 second drag cars out there that have no reliability issues with a properly built C4. Thoughts, advice and first hand experience welcome!
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    Word Association Thread

    kneeling pageboy
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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

    Cooks (why would you be happy PC associated you with Max HArdcore?)
  6. Some Expensive Daewoo drivers will do ANYTHING to win a race! Seriously though, to steal a setup like this takes balls - and I hope those balls are crushed with a sledgehammer when they catch the bastards.
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    Word Association Thread

    Max Hardcore
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    Word Association Thread

    Shirley Temple
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    Just Saw A Real Bad Car Accident

    I had to testify in court after I witnessed a bunch of bikies flog some poor taxi driver senseless. Had major nerve issues and was sure they would come after me for revenge... but if it were me, or my brother, father, best friend who got flogged, I would want someone to step up and make the c&%ts pay... sometimes you gotta do whats right. You should have seen this worthless piece of sh*t blubbering and bumbling on the stand - a 5 year old could have lied better... turns out he was a weekend warrior, not a gang member, he ended up doing some time for assault and lost his license. Don't be nervous Jman - would you like the bastard crashing into you, or your wife, or parents car? Make him burn!
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    This Is Freaky!

    Don't worry - it took me & the Mrs. about 10 goes to work it out - you got us!
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    This Is Freaky!

    No matter what 2 digit number you choose, when you subtract the 2 numbers your answer will always be divisible by 9 - all the numbers divisible by 9 have the same symbol - its just maths... but they change the symbol each time to make you think its reading your mind Or maybe it IS reading your mind?
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    Ed Intake Manifold On The Xr6t

    There was a substantial increase in both power & torque when Ford moved to the broadband manifold on the EF Falcon... If you carved up & welded an ED manifold to suit your XR6T you would might see better plenum filling with the front facing TB but then lose top end flow due to the long intake runner length... You would probably find a loss in driveability and a bit more turbo lag. The broadband manifold is excellent and seems it only needs to be replaced with a Nizpro type item if you are chasing massive KWs My thoughts
  14. Just last week I saw the funniest plate ever on a blinged up Hyundai ... DXL 23Q (The Excel to freak you) I pissed my pants for a good 5 minutes!
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    Word Association Thread

    shorn Sorry Dan, but Tab beat me to it! Re:edit nut
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    Movie Reviews

    Name: Aliens vs Predator : Requiem Genre: Sci-Fi / Horror Director: Strauss Brothers Actors: Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, John Ortiz... haven't heard them before Score out of 10 : 9.5 Your opinion: I have always been a fan of the Aliens & Predator series - in he early 90's I collected the first comic book series of AVP - played the 1st person shooter - own all the Collectors edition DVD's and was fascinated with the whole concept. The first AVP movie was good but it could have been better in many ways... and AVP Requiem has made up lost ground! You really need to have seen the first in order to understand where the plot picks up in the sequel - it helps even more if you have an understanding of the series BUT... This is the chest bursting, head chomping, blood spurting, skin melting, spine tearing, movie that most fans have been waiting. While there will always be a small amount of scene setting & boring plot development in almost all movies, the violence portrayed in this film is excessive, the chick is hot, the action is fast and the special effects are just mind blowing. If you are into action films this one is a killer but be warned... the scene with the pregnant woman is truley vile. This is definately a movie to see on the big screen... I don't care how big your plasma TV is or how loud your surround sound is!!!

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