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  1. Happy Birthday Pulse!

  2. Happy Birthday Pulse!

  3. Happy Birthday Pulse!

  4. Happy Birthday Pulse!

  5. Word Association Thread

    kneeling pageboy
  6. Word Association Thread

  7. Word Association Thread

    Cooks (why would you be happy PC associated you with Max HArdcore?)
  8. Some Expensive Daewoo drivers will do ANYTHING to win a race! Seriously though, to steal a setup like this takes balls - and I hope those balls are crushed with a sledgehammer when they catch the bastards.
  9. Word Association Thread

    Max Hardcore
  10. Word Association Thread

  11. Word Association Thread

    Shirley Temple
  12. Just Saw A Real Bad Car Accident

    I had to testify in court after I witnessed a bunch of bikies flog some poor taxi driver senseless. Had major nerve issues and was sure they would come after me for revenge... but if it were me, or my brother, father, best friend who got flogged, I would want someone to step up and make the c&%ts pay... sometimes you gotta do whats right. You should have seen this worthless piece of sh*t blubbering and bumbling on the stand - a 5 year old could have lied better... turns out he was a weekend warrior, not a gang member, he ended up doing some time for assault and lost his license. Don't be nervous Jman - would you like the bastard crashing into you, or your wife, or parents car? Make him burn!

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