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  1. Happy Birthday fprwpn!

  2. Happy Birthday fprwpn!

  3. Happy Birthday fprwpn!

  4. Happy Birthday fprwpn!

  5. You sh*t *beep* lol

  6. fprwpn

    Vic - Night Cruise

    I'll just make sure I slingshot straight up the ass of u ya cheeky ....... I'll be there mate. I'll come to urs first and go from there...
  7. fprwpn

    Vic - Night Cruise

    Ummm, can little underpowered XR8s attend this get together?? I know ul all be doing this to me but oh well... Ill just keep in phone contact with charlie and greeny so I can find my way
  8. fprwpn

    Ypurv4's Xr6 T

    Gee those black rims look familiar
  9. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    its to early in the morning to cop sh1t, my brain doesnt start working till about lunchtime so iv got nothin lol
  10. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    Oooooh aren't you nasty today haha...
  11. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    You know the reason I bought the 8 and its comin, hence my post in this thread....
  12. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    It cant be helped... she's bigger than me
  13. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    You've missed me.... I can tell
  14. fprwpn

    6t Or 8s ?

    Blown Boss all the way... U wont regret it. Im just about to start the process of going down that path myself with a Kenne Bell kit and a BF XR8 and I cant wait to hear when the BELL tolls

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