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  1. Happy Birthday PROXRT!

  2. Happy Birthday PROXRT!

  3. Happy Birthday PROXRT!

  4. Happy Birthday PROXRT!

  5. is no one going to spring wood maccas at 9 then cruise to coast???????????????????


    just some minor crash rash, nothing a touch up pen wouldn't fix.
  7. if you had TUFXRT then that would eliminate the whole "its not a F6" saga
  8. why replace some thing that isnt broken. just drive it till it pops then rebuild it
  9. I <3 Bananas has that got any springs in it hahaha. its on its guts. good work
  10. there is nothin worse than comin back to your pride and joy, and finding that some useless c*nt has scratched/dinted ya car. I cope so much sh*t for parking so far away but least it minimizes any damage that could occur.
  11. every now and then I aplly Mothers leather cleaner then follwed by Mothers leather conditioner seem to be working well.
  12. can some body please post up some pics on how they ran the earth for boot mounting the battery. I just wanna see how you guys did it in the boot and in the engine bay. any help would be appreciated
  13. hay guys. shes auto narrooma blue (oh yeah love the colour hahahah) she make 280 rwkw on 10 pound with standart waste gate flap and exhaust (so gotta get this done) about to move back to victoria so wen I get settled in I will pull the turbo aff and do the flap and put a turbo back exhaust on it and get some real power out of it. it is rapid cooler nizpro plenum valve springs have been done fuel pump injectors and all the usuall stuff. more power here I come lol
  14. so is any one got any plans for cruising tonight around brissy or goldy area
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