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  13. Low K's yep, but my EL has 350K and my 03 Dunnydore ute has 100K. Extended warranty...heck I was lucky the "hand brake" let me have the T in the first place let alone any extras.
  14. I hope I don't need to do that, but may try that if some rubber conditioning doesn't work. I had a quick quizz this evening at the seals and none seem to have shrunken or moved, not like my old dunny dore ones did, heck I remember having to pull them half way back up the window.
  15. Just wondering if any else has experienced what my wife is complaining bitterly about at the moment. I have an 12/03 T with approx 43K on the clock, which has developed a rather annoying noise at the top of the rear windows which may or may not be the door seals leaking or letting in air. There is no build up of dust and there doesn't appear to be any area that seems to not look to be contacting. It is very annoying though. The car spends most of its time in a fully enclosed garage and never sees any real extended time in the sun during the summer months so I'm not that convinced the seals would be in any way worn due to sunlight/heat exposure. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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