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    Aren't sure if the cat likes adminhamster or wants to put in a bid, but he's following the thread intently
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    Steak medium rare, perfect [emoji39]
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    Evening all! First day of the new job tomorrow...hopefully I don't tank on day one haha!
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    Big fat fillet steak [emoji3]
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    Racecat approves this post
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    *** Update *** Span up 304.6rwKw today ! KPM 1000cc injectors Walbro 255 Venom dump and cat Plazmaman 800hp cooler kit Also, DBA T3 rotors all round, with PMu ns400 pads Full service of ZF, and installed PWR heat exchanger Really happy with the results Special thanks to @JETURBO for sourcing and arranging parts for me at a great rate, organizing postage etc etc, and even giving Plaz the hurry up after some delays lol - thanks mate!
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    Super busy times lately but striving to help everyone I possibly can Had @The Red Baron after some performance parts for his upcoming build of his FG XR6T and obviously where else do you go but the local forum guy who can help out .... some KPM 1000’s ,walbro 255, Full Plazmaman 800hp kit,Venom 4* Dump and cat combo and a PWR ZF heat exchanger kit, organised everything including postage to the other side of the country and helped out with great price on it all, hopefully one happy camper Had @gazman bring his BA turbo in for a set of Atomic performance valvesprings as the old 250,000kms stockers were floating really bad around 3000rpm, all said and done the open engine surgery went flawlessly and I even threw in a set of genuine Ford iridium spark plugs for nothing as I just couldn’t bring myself to install the crappers that came out ! It’s all about the love FINALLY @hopper8‘s turn it was and from a stock standard FG turbo we’ve turned it into literally a bang for buck V8 killer.... ( well anything NA killer lol ) In went a set of Genuine FPV 42lb injectors,Intune motorsports pipe kit, @Roo32‘s old intercooler ( the same Ebay spec cooler that just went 350rwkw’s on Dion’s FG two weeks ago ) a Euro 4 Higher flowing cat section with “De ring”, centre muffler delete to 3* single pipe, Plazmaman intake muffler delete, Plazmaman street airbox and one custom Tune from yours truly lol settled in at a tidy 290rwkw on 11.8psi and had to keep it “extra fat” to compensate from the rapid IAT’s the Ebay heater was dishing out hahah, all said and done it goes bloody well for what’s been spent and obviously Josh looks after his beast very well
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    This is such a great solution. I've been chatting to the guy on his FB site. Excellent responses from him. I only have three concerns: the screen is too big. There is no need to have it that big. it sits too high and too far forward. It will make my gauges look sh*t. it appears that to get it to fit the factory reversing camera and phone mic, you have to cut into it (I could be wrong), that part is no plug and play if using the OEM stuff, see my attached pic It would be great if it had an internal sim otherwise it seems perfect
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    Ordered the oculus rift. Will post some feedback once its here and up and running. I might even have to give it a try.
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    Its still progress. Use the left and right preouts into a processor - then convert to whatever you want. Are you guys wanting 5.1 for music or movies on the screen? Cant picture watching a movie in the car? I still rate the guy - that he could come up with a workable solution when all others failed.
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    . . . . . . . . , , , , , , , , A few full stops and comma's to use for the next post. Box, engine, brakes, turbo, wheels and extras. 25-30K...
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    Apparently she's selling bags of herbs out the back of hers :S
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    Sue made butter chicken, we have curry every weekend. Lamb/beef rogan josh or chicken Korma. Sometimes tikka. She is an awesome cook. Can make anything. I make spag bog and apricot chicken.
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    Yep It should be reversed - mostly vacation with 4 weeks of work a year and the occasional public work day thrown in. The occasional "personal day" would be OK too for those who needed to put in a bit more away from home
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    that's the fastest lap I've ever done at Bathurst @Puffwagon must bring out the best in me
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    Bathurst looks pretty slick. Surface wise and graphics wise haha nice 2.05 on that quali lap, Andy
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    Haha yeah I was wondering that. Seems a bit boom boom shake the room.
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    me and Puff "https://player.twitch.tv/?autoplay=false&video=v312415723"
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    Ute has tow bar. Will drive down to assist and tow racecar with raceute for Rab if bids are successful. Cheers.
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    Got the live stream thing happening [emoji3] Just have to sort out my web cam to record the wheel action and we'll be set for a showdown@Puffwagon
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    OK so the bf typhoon did not turn out well. That was to be expected though. Getting frustrated, I decided to go drive an FG even though I didnt think they looked as nice as the BF. I loved it. Started looking more seriously into FG and there were much more available than BF's with the boxes I wanted ticked. I pulled the trigger on an FG 50th anniversary that ticked all the boxes: 1 Owner (57 year old) Full serivce history with not one service missed (heaps of cars I saw claimed full service history but had some missing here and there) all the options I wanted (minus sunroof but I will get that done pretty quickly) and my favourite, completely unmodified and in fantastic condition both paint and interior Will post some pics soon. Thanks for the insight so far guys.
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    Thanks so much for working your magic mate!!! Absolutely stoked with the results, it pulls hard and feels so much better through the midrange... And then the top end from about 4800rpm is hectic! Running perfectly and I don't want to hop out of it after driving, I love it haha. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail! Ps. Ebay 'heater'... Hahahah
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    Spotted @Boganspeedon the way back from tech at the plex. Was there with a couple of the usual suspects drinking coffee and looking at cars. The Army Tank got to hang out with its great grandad and its annoying American cousin.
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    Installation vid - looks easy and reversable. I saw another vid with an F6 with guages - view didn't seem too bad
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    @k31th do you react better to the carrot or the stick ie. should we give money and encouragement or throw eggs at your house until you start work on the F6
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    The $59 kettle would be the cheapest, easiest to setup and use. The $260? Fornetto bullet would be the next step up, but needs a bit of practice. Keep an eye out for run out models, there were some "egg" or kamado style ones some bunnings are getting rid of cheap
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    Bikes dont run to good without petrol.
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    Read this. https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/43162-removal-of-turbo-in-preperation-of-porting-and-valve-mod/
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    I was literally just watching this when I got the notification of a comment on this thread. Great minds think alike haha. Thanks
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    Racecat's cousin is looking on with interest
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    Hey buddy, good result indeed hope you’re happy with everything
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    11% increase, 1080 - 2080 23% increase, 1080 ti - 2080 ti All depends who does the testing https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-2080-tested/
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    Haha this describes me a couple of months ago. And yep finding a good FG only took a few days! If you aren't looking for bulk top end power, that baby turbo comes on pretty nice on the street. Good work! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    I'm all set for next time https://www.twitch.tv/bloodycrashboy
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    Just found v8 bonnet new online 400 and djr. Rear wing 330 both from same place
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    You're probably right there. I paid $1500 for a new turbo back venom system. They have made over 500rwkw on the b series and are very quiet too. If you have a decent welder and other tools then make one but you can't go past cheap and easy sometimes.
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    I don't think it'll work with the xbox (not sure) What is he looking to use it for?
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    I must say I'm interested but can't for the life of me understand why they didn't shrink the screen a little. If they went to all the effort of integrating and reverse engineering the cars CAN network, why would they not do something simple like making sure asthetically, it looks nice?! Also, branding the device under the screen looks pox...
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    @bloodycrashboy 5kW inverter and 6.6kW worth of panels.
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    PCMtec is a breath of fresh air in the Ford tuning world. Finally getting some prayers answered after quite a few stagnant years!
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