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  1. Newbie G6E turbo

    Yeah but when I go to that link it says after I upload the pics to imgur, to tap the cloud icon in top corner..... mine doesnt have this "cloud" on the page at all mate. So ive only gotten as far as uploading the pics to imgur so far. Like I said, hopeless at this tech crap, but wanna post pics, as ive noticed everyone usually asks to post pics!!
  2. Newbie G6E turbo

    Cheers for the info fellas, im on the other side of brissy at wynnum, but sounds like I'll be heading over to the northside to get the work done. Are the basics, like oil filter change and brake pads fairly strait forward on the g6e's? Have done on other cars in the past, but havnt had a chance to look how much of a hassle these things are on the fg's.? Cheers again for the help!!
  3. Newbie G6E turbo

    Awesome, cheers MaStars. Sounds like that's where ill be taking mine then. Yeah the mods u have and are getting done are pretty much the same as id like to do on mine. What year is yours mate?
  4. Newbie G6E turbo

    Thanks for the welcome fellas. So does anyone know any recommended mechanics from brisbane bayside area? Just about got enough dosh saved up to get the beast serviced and tuned ect. Any info greatly appreciated, as I only no mechanics who will change oil and fluids only and still charge 500!!!
  5. Newbie G6E turbo

    Hi all , new here and am trying to learn how to post up pics of my "new" 2010 g6e turbo. From brizzy and keen to meet other owners and learn the best places to take the car for services and mods. Cheers

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