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  1. Overline icc

    No idea but they pretty much sold out in a week
  2. Overline icc

    out of stock already
  3. Overline icc

    Cool, I’m older than I thought
  4. Overline icc

    say what
  5. Overline icc

    These units are now for sale if anyone is interested
  6. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    mate, what brand of wheels are those, I like.
  7. Overline icc

    I contacted them last week. The units are still not ready yet. Apparently they have changed manufacturer because they were having trouble with the build quality or something. They didn't know when they would be avaiable but they look fantastic compared to what is in there at the moment. This list of functions is a mile long. Check it out on their website
  8. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Many thanks for your help guys
  9. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks bloke
  10. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Right, cousins then
  11. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks mate. Your Ute will soon have a twin brother
  12. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks Aaron, I will call you when I start accumulating the bits. regards Phil
  13. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    My Ute is the same colour as the one in the video. Thanks boys. All advice has been taken onboard.
  14. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks puff. New coils locked in. One question. The CAI is under the battery. Is the still acceptable in 2018 or do I need to relocate battery. Would prefer the former. Thanks Phil
  15. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    G'day men Just a bit of an update. Had a session with Clint from Profile Autosports the other day. I said mate, wnen we pull the string, I want to land between 300 and 350rwkw, This is what he recommened. Intercooler: Plasmaman Stage 2. He thought that for a BF, this gives you more bang for buck. Fuel pump and injectors: I said I wanted 1000cc injectors, the rest was up to him. So a Walbro 416 and a hi flow regulator are in. Exhaust: I said Hi flow cat only but I'm open to hi flow exhaust if it's not noisy. He said check out Innovation Exhausts at Capalaba. They do a beautiful 3.5" exhaust with custom mufflers that are not over the top noisy. Xcal 4 tune New valve Springs: Ute is a BF Mk2. Never the less he recommended I should think about new springs as ute has done 250,000 klicks. I said yes. Wastegate, Flapper and Actuator will also get a massage. What do you blokes reckon Cheers Phil

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