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  1. Arrrgh I just got my water bill. I think I'm going to start bathing the kids and washing their clothes on a weekly basis from now on.
  2. My postcode covers a large area and according to an energy suppliers availability checker is is available in a town 10k's down the road from me but not in my town. Ironically I'm 60 k's from the city and the other place is 50 k's.
  3. Get the back up on stands and use your video recorder on your phone to get a good look at them. If they're shagged then they'll be split.
  4. Modifying cars is time consuming, frustrating at times and a waste of money. If any of that stuff bothers you then leave it stock. We mostly only hear the bad stories about failed tunes and forget that there are thousands of cars out there with good tunes. The reality of getting your car modified and tuned is that you will have a fast car that will wear out quicker and has a higher possibility of breaking stuff. The more you mod the more you break or wear out until you upgrade again. Who cares though cos racecar
  5. Yep it's easy enough. Op could just try a few kickdowns to see if he can repeat the noise and narrow it down. It's pretty easy to tell a harsh shift into first from a huge bang coming from the bushes. Depending on his power level and diff bush farkedness (assuming it is a diff bush issue) it might do it from 3rd to 2nd as well.
  6. None of that is true in my experience. It changes into first with a jolt when travelling slowly in second but there is no clunking coming from the gearbox or anywhere else in that specific scenario. Before I replaced my diff bushes the car would only clunk when getting right the fark up it. It was fairly normal in everyday driving apart from a bit of swaying in the rear end. The bushes were cactus when I pulled them out.
  7. Since when is a clunk normal? I'd be checking my diff bushes.
  8. Just a little high. This is mine from a few nights ago.
  9. My 5 year olds latest insult: Shut your butt ya willie hole.
  10. You'll be showering for days Women get 10X crazier when they're pregnant. Beware and be patient lol.
  11. Im not sure if a bag of flour classifies as cool but I bought this today. I was looking for corn tortillas but pretty much everything at coles was made from wheat and is chokkas full of preservatives, colour and other bullsh*t. I thought FARK IT I can make my own tortillas. I'll post pics of my tortillas, burnt or otherwise, in the "what's on the menu" thread whenever we have our enchilada night. This clearly is the result of hanging out with a bunch of Mexicans
  12. Haha no worries With traction (or not) it will make for a mental street car It'll be good to see some built motor, external gate results eventually.
  13. Must be the same guys who designed the honda odyssey. I replaced a fuel pump recently and do you think there was a hole in the floor? No, I had to drop the tank. Ironically there was a hole in the floor for the sender but not the pump.
  14. Your hws is still going? That's crazy as hell.
  15. Did you road test it after the tune? Assuming you had enough traction, was the wastegate up to the task with wot gear changes?
  16. Lmao!!! Nah it did kind of sound like that in my first comment about price.
  17. Not according to these people who understood the context of the conversation. #n00b
  18. The fault in the wiring turned out to be a fried feed from the street to the house. There was visible blistering on the cable cluster. We did replace the consumer main in the roof to the meters and upgrade the board wiring and switches at the same time for peace of mind. The controlled load phase wasn't affected previous to the repair. Of the other two, one phase had completely failed and the other was nearly gone. This is our second reading since it was fixed. There's no gas here and you can see the tariffs in my previous post. The controlled load meter is the cheap one. My butthole is thankful.
  19. Pfft not me, it's turbo sketti or nothing in this house. Speaking of I'd better go eat it before it gets cold!
  20. Supply period: 25 Feb 2017 to 30 Mar 2017 (34 days) Usage and supply charges Units Price Amount Peak 373kWh $0.3327 $124.10 Peak next 318kWh $0.3795 $120.68 Controlled Load 90kWh $0.1535 $13.82 (This is the hot water) Supply charge 34 days $0.709 $24.11 Total charges + $282.71 Total new charges and credits = $282.71 Total GST + $28.27 Copy paste from the bill. We use AGL if that means anything. There is a 9% pay on time discount after those charges as well.
  21. Me: I cbf cooking dinner tonight. Her: Let's just heat up some frozen bolognese and have sketti. Me: Yeah, there's not much there though, I'll fry up some extra veggies to fill it out. Nek minute end up cooking bolognese from scratch and adding leftovers to it cos I may as well upgrade my sketti rather than leave it stock
  22. Haha yep. Shows what I know about hot water systems. I thought 13 bucks a month wasn't too bad considering that we are having 3 showers a day and 1 or 2 baths.
  23. Huh? I'm confused. Electric hws.
  24. We got a 250 litre electric installed for $1400 when ours went. There are 6 of us though and the in-laws come to stay once or twice a year. Our last bill was $13.82 for 34 days.