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  1. Seems reasonable. Perhaps there wasn't suitable plastic alternatives 71 years ago.
  2. Ironically (no pun intended) and somewhat fortunately it's mostly all metal up there. Some is 6mm twin and earth. There are no exposed wires. I'm still alive but I think I would be broke or dead if I didn't know a thing or two. For curiosities sake, who thought it was a good idea to run electricity through metal conduit? It seems counter intuitive.
  3. Isn't it a ratio of something to something? If you wouldn't put your tongue or your dick on it then turn it off or wear gloves for protection.
  4. Yep. It'll kill you if you're not careful.
  5. There was an extension done out the back at some stage so the meters are inside. I have coffee with the meter man every 3 months. The house was built in 1946 and some of it is original. Although some circuits have been replaced there is still quite a lot of the cloth variety in there. My plan is to replace the consumer main asap then I'll map out the rest of the house to make plans for future upgrades including various fittings and appliances. I've already labeled everything behind the board to help with future work. Lol when I first climbed in the roof, back when I bought it, I saw the metal conduit and quickly climbed back out and pulled the fuses. I'll look into sa power doing repairs. Ain't nobody got time for getting fried.
  6. I rebuilt the board but the phase rewire was done by a qualified electrician. The consumer main is in the roof in metal conduit. My guess is the roof is leaking onto it and shorting it out. Apart from potential appliance damage worse case scenario is blowing the main fuse from the street. I was joking about the fire, it's not just sitting in plastic. If I call sa power they'll just come and pull the fuses until I get it fixed. I'll be making phone calls in the morning to get it replaced. I don't suppose you want a cash job or can recommend someone?
  7. FTFY
  8. Wpmo today; The consumer main in my house is about to fail. I have 3 phase power and last year a phase failed. No worries, just rewire it and run the house off one phase. Upon noticing some issues after the rain lately I decided to check the voltage. I haven't checked the street but the board is receiving 235 volts. With everything in the house off, the plugs are getting 220 volts. With the kettle on it drops to 190. After I switched on 4 hotplates on the stove, the kettle and one portable aircon unit, it dropped to 140 volts. I also noticed that when I boosted the controlled load the voltage came up on the other phase. Farken farkers farked. If I still have power and don't wake up on fire tomorrow I'll be happy.
  9. Ok at least you have that covered. I guess you're just waiting on the sellers reply.
  10. That's what it cost to to hire a conveyancer when I bought my house. They will make sure the contract is legit and arrange everything with the bank and the land titles office in regard to the title. They will also sort out the balance of the rates and water bill etc.
  11. Speaking of trains, how is drink driving handled? Is there anything like an rbt for mororists? Oh and happy birthday! Train skids?
  12. G'day mate long time no see. I was making a point that money doesn't always equal fast. I have no doubt that your car will be quick when it's wound up
  13. Really? @BAXRTUTE might have something to say about that.
  14. Haha thanks mate. I was just fooling around. I thought it would be good for a laugh. No doubt op will update us when he gets it tuned.
  15. Haha don't you mean any car owner? You don't mod your car and expect to get your money back.
  16. Not quite. He doesn't have to reveal that there is a patio there, he just has to ask if it can be done. He'll lose his bargaining power if he doesn't play it right.
  17. That last line sums up how I feel about it. Edit: If he doesn't agree then give him a couple of weeks. He'll come around.
  18. Then your turbo will sh*t itself and you'll buy a bigger one cos who doesn't like a big one?! Before you know it, cheap as possible becomes 15 to 20k over 2 years. Much, much more if you pay someone to do it. The golden years will be skids galore and smoke for the masses. Soon enough you'll drive like a grandma as your household budget grows weary of having fuel and tyres as a priority. By the time you realize it's too late your wife will have left you and your kids won't recognise your face cos you went for milk and cigarettes and came back with oil and octane booster some ten years later. Your cat/dog/chicken will be your sole companion in life and eventually they will leave you/die too cos you forget to feed it. You need moar powah!!! Parts break, hearts ache, things will twist and for discounts you'll wrist. 80 years come to pass and as your soul flees this physical realm...you hear one last call to arms...choo choo ch ch ch ch ch ch psshhhhh. For this poetic embrace, I only have one por favor, fix your car but only once but when arrived nevermore. Jks, do what you like
  19. Yep that's what I paid for mine. You can keep your cat section etc and just get a custom dump made. If you're feeling deadly and can measure a bit you can buy a 4 inch bend and a 5 bolt flange and hammer the pipe so it lines up with the flange. It'd only be a couple of hundred to get that fitted to your cat section at an exhaust shop. You're close to the limit of your engine anyway so I wouldn't worry about it myself.
  20. That ain't the dump pipe in that ad. This is the bf venom dump with cat pipe and intermediate pipe.
  21. A building inspector is just going to give a report on the condition of the building. They won't be checking to see that everything is within regulation unless there is a glaring irregularity such as a power point in the shower cubicle or something as ridiculous as that. If the patio looks normal then it likely wouldn't be picked up. While the patio issue could be brought up and checked as part of the building report (.Stripes. can check this himself and I think he has), it is unlikely that it would set off any red flags in a run of the mill inspection. @.Stripes. you could call the council and show them the new house plan and see if they would approve it. At least that would clear the air for you.
  22. I'd eat some too but my butt says no.