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  1. Diy Tuning

    It's normal to have a boner in the morning. Mine usually lasts until just after lunch time
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    I talked the missus into having a smell yesterday. Her response was "Fark me, farken hell, wtf?"
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    I am. It doesn't get you high though, it just wakes you up a bit or smacks the sh*t out of you depending on how much you inhale.
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning k31th. Fark I was tired this morning. Nothing a quick sniff of lifting gas and a hardcore coffee didn't fix though!
  5. Diy Tuning

    @eff xr6t You've almost got all of your questions answered but I'll add to it anyway. 1) You need to change the speed source and that can be configured in hp tuners and has been available for a few years at least that I know of. Maybe there will be further parameters than can be accessed when pcmtec comes along further. Older versions of the software (hp tuners) actually had the names of the sources listed iirc whereas the most recent update has changed slightly. You will find this part of the tune under "Speedo/calibration/hardware". I haven't played with it recently but previously I raised my speed limiter and the car wouldn't actually go over 230 until I changed the speed source. All I can suggest is to enable/disable parts of this area and also play with the vss source scalar. 2) Whs^ You'll find this part of the tune in "Engine/Open and closed loop/Closed loop". You'll notice that the time is listed in seconds rather than minutes and the maximum is 65000 seconds. I did this when I was touching up my injector scaling to match the actual commanded lambda in the tune. You can also leave it like this for a road car and save a bit of fuel as you can run it leaner. If you didn't have a dead sensor and wanted to leave the sensor working for idle and cruise you could just change the "open loop fuel tps threshold vs rpm" table to swap to your base table with less tps percentage. This is something that I personally change when the boost is turned up as the stock turbo will make plenty of boost with not much throttle and the fuel just isn't there on the stock tune because of this table. 3) Whs^ You can just run it off the actuator. The stuff to change is in "Engine/SCTC General" and there's only a couple of things on this page. Anyways I hope this helps.
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    You chucking those bits in you've been collecting? You know what I hate more than working on cars? Paying someone to do it for me.
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    Hey man you wanna buy some sh*t I got here? I had another sniff of it after I ate and the gas must have built up. Nothing happened when I had a sniff so I put my nose a bit closer and I had instant regret for about 5 minutes.
  8. Weight Training For Beginners

    Haha ead My hamstrings are still sore from Monday. Mmmm lobster. Nice one guvna.
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    Well my ammonium chloride turned up today. I mixed it 50/50 with sodium carbonate (I figured it is anhydrous but it doesn't really matter) and added half a dozen drops of water to it in a airtight spice jar. I've got ten grams in total weighed out. Holy crap it works something fierce! Fwoooaaaarrrr!!! I've done my weight lifting today but I'll be sure to try it out with some weights soon. It sure beats paying upwards of $35 for a small bottle of it. I can make a kg for about $50.
  10. Weight Training For Beginners

    More farken weights and more farken gainz.
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    Not really. I wouldn't go back cos I've been there and done that.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Yep I'm over here with 1 spoon, 1 fork and 1 knife per day with 1 bowl, 1 plate and 1 cup and nek minute I'm loading the dishwasher to the brim twice per day. Haha it's the same with the power. I'm over here with just one light and my pc on all day then nek minute there's aircons, tv's, fans, tablets charging and every bloody light in the house on!!! It's all good though, I lived my single life and had my crazy days when I was younger and I wouldn't go back if I could.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha, it's something everyone does obviously but there is just a farkload more of it with a billion kids.
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Greetings and salutations! No kids for about 6 hours so it's housework day today.
  15. xr6 turbo gauges -SAAS

    Haha don't worry I have my share of hurp de durp moments too! Edit: Glad you got it sorted. Now pics!
  16. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    There are clampy bits to hold oil or water lines but I can't remember what they are called. You could use a couple of those to keep it neat. I probably should do that too but it's not my top priority atm so I don't really remember to do it.
  17. xr6 turbo gauges -SAAS

    Hey some people like the smell of salt and vinegar chips! It goes around the gauge and then the gauge goes in the pod and hopefully stays in there due to the increased thickness Haha I knew that would click pretty quickly.
  18. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    You'd think so. Still, mistakes happen and sometimes threads will sh*t themselves even if you are being careful. If it is the drivers side then you could use a longer bolt and there might be enough thread left to tighten up. You could also use a nut if you had the right size bolt and did a bit of filing/grinding to the head for the nut to fit. I'd still helicoil it and use the proper bolt though even if it is a bit more work. It'd look a bit odd having a different bolt up the front of your motor. I spose you could cut and shut the stock bolt to make it longer. There may be a bolt available with the same head that is long enough for either task. On the passenger side the thread is closed at the end, but maybe the thread extends far enough that a longer bolt would grab it sufficiently. Here's some yoo byoot pics of the front and back of the drivers side and the front and back of the passenger side respectively so we can all have a geez. Can you tell I'm trying to get out of the dishes???
  19. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Bugger. You gotta be so careful with aluminium stuff hey.
  20. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    Haha yeah true. I was just being a turkey
  21. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    For that price I'll take a coat of paint and a new turbo thanks
  22. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Is the torx driver part stripped or the thread that the bolt goes into? If it's the torx part and you want to swap it, you can weld a nut to it, undo it and swap it out. If you can't get a bolt from a wreckers I'm sure someone around here will send you one for free. If it's the thread that is stripped then providing the timing cover and/or rocker cover isn't leaking, don't worry about it. If the timing cover leaks try some silicone on the outside of it and if that doesn't work (it frequently does) then pull the cover off and helicoil the thread etc. If all of that is too hard then you can drop it at a shop, leave your first born as payment and ask them to fix it.
  23. The Off Topic Thread.

    I'll buy your car and pay you in three years if that works for you?! Haha I kid, I don't think the missus would be very happy with another car added to the collection. I'll be glad when the new year rolls around and I can see what that's like again! The weekends have gotten somewhat boring without the old beer in hand!

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