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  1. Oh farken goddamn. Well at least we all know how good those cheap cores are now. We really ought to chuck in for an xmas basket for all the money that man saves us.
  2. @k31th What happened with the china core idea? You already bought the core didn't you?
  3. I think you should keep them for yourself buddy after your little meltdown the other morning
  4. Despite tapatalk issues we've seen on many occasions that people are posting from others accounts, messing with pm's and of course checking notifications. As I said it's just a matter of courtesy not to fark with members accounts.
  5. Sounds like you should switch to tap water.
  6. Haha should be fun then Edit: for both of you.
  7. What you got on man?
  8. Morning there k31th Bcb, wise man say: Holiday halfway to come.
  9. Twice someone has been logged in as me in the last few days and they have checked my notifications and possibly more both times. The most recent time was within the last 12 hours. It's just common courtesy not to fark with someone's account. Log out or do what ever to get your account on the page again but don't check pm's, notifications or use another members account in any way shape or form.
  10. Morning mate. I forgot how much fun parts washing is. On the bright side at least I've been high from petrol fumes for the last 2 hours.
  11. Morning all, another lovely day in paradise! I'm going to be cleaning and repairing the transaxle on my mower today. It has a broken shift fork and the casings are damaged. Should be fun. It's on pages 24 and 25 https://www.toro.com/getpub/4764
  12. I didn't do much exciting to my car today. I found the fouled plug and tried to revive it but no luck so I chucked a spare in and all was good again.
  13. I just checked and they are all 200 to 202 except number 4 which is 190. Wet they are all 210. The coils have seen better days too with a few of them showing cracks. Haha best of all one of the plugs fouled after so I'll be taking it all apart again when it cools down.
  14. Now I got an itch to check mine.
  15. Haha nice. That's plenty of time.
  16. How long can it honk for before it "goes flat"?
  17. Smoke it anyway and see what happens?!
  18. Lol I was going to leave a comment on the other thread saying that a bigger single efr might be as good or better than the smaller singles. Edit: bigger than the 9180.
  19. Japanese maple leaf?
  20. sh*t's crazy yo
  21. So I was prepping my dinner and I guessed the weight of the chicken exactly. It was 735 grams. F**k yeah, chest bump, fist pump, dab into mic swinging sprinkler/lasso dance then mic drop.
  22. Mmmm that looks gaf! Roast chicken is a winner in this house every time and by the look of that skin it'll be a winner in your house tonight. Now I gotta get of this page cos it's making me too damn hungry!
  23. Haha apparently so. At least I have 2 girls to balance out the boys. Can you imagine 4 boys gassing out the one car?
  24. Waiting in the van with the kids while the missus is at the doctors nek minute son unleashes deadly aerosol attack from his butt, now I'm waiting outside the van with the doors and boot wide open.