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  1. Yep for sure. Bbq is quite well received around these parts. We'll bring something for dinner too if you want.
  2. Haha that's funny. I collect them so I can easily see if I'm logged in as me when I'm on mobile. I also check every unread post on the forum each day so I am caught up with stuff. I'm pretty sure @BAXRTUTE is just working his arse off atm and for that reason isn't very active on here right now. @Rab I've talked the missus into coming up on Friday with the kids so you all can meet my bunch of little puffwagons.
  3. Nice one
  4. You had a good day, don't lie.
  5. Did you love it though?
  6. Yerp they'll do that one or twice. Ni night joombi
  7. You need to add each picture as a separate link. If you copy the direct link it will embed when you paste it and press enter. @k31th will come to the rescue. He loves posting instructions. Edit: stuff.
  8. Upload to Imgur, copy the direct link, paste here and press enter after you paste it. @k31th you love it.
  9. I'm sure someone will oblige. I cbf cos it's too far to drive just for a skid.
  10. That says more about your search history than anything mate. Edit: Not that I'm complaining.
  11. Yep it ain't cheap. I recently spent over 2k for a new upgraded turbo instead of spending 1k for a near stock replacement. My thinking is why waste a grand on a stock turbo when I can have a good one for double the price.
  12. When you try it tonight don't try it as a boot drive. You should still be able to access the files unless the farken farkers farked.
  13. Yep it looks pretty good. I was thinking that I'd book a cabin for Friday night so I don't have an hour and a half drive to meet there in the morning.
  14. I'd start by confirming if the tune is stock with the intention of getting it tuned if it is. If you have no intention of ever getting it tuned and the tune is stock then the turbo swap would be the way to go. At this stage I'd only be concerned with diagnosing the issue and not rushing out and spending money on tuning and other parts. It'll take a tuner all of 10 minutes to tell you if your tune is stock or not.
  15. http://www.belaircaravanpark.com.au/tariffs/ http://www.belaircaravanpark.com.au/accommodation/ Bottom link is types of accommodation and the top link is how much it is.
  16. If you already had the stock turbo then that advice is ok but buying another turbo just to see if it fixes it is not good advice imo. Turbos are too expensive to buy for a process of elimination especially as it won't be adding any foundation to making more power. Although the turbo may be causing the issue it isn't the issue if that makes sense. It'll likely be tune or other electrical related. I'd be more inclined to spend that money on getting it to run right with the current turbo.
  17. Oh well worth a shot. Here's a long shot. Calling @destr0y
  18. Holy cow solid dig. Proof that the search function works and that reposting the same question every week isn't necessary. @k31th Didn't you do some led swapping fairly recently or was that someone else I'm thinking of?
  19. I've pm'd Rab so some info should pop up over the next couple of days.
  20. Based on what I saw he has a beast. I could be wrong though. Is the car well tuned or did it just hate summer or carting loads?
  21. They have their moments.
  22. Psychopath much?