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    Cautious optimism Apart from a logging issue with HP Tuners (it cant log custom OSes and SCT corrupted OSIDs) it looks like the boost by gear test we have done is working. For the earlier FGs we have an improved solution for the gear based boost control. I will extend the scope to have a look at torque management by gear as well. Rolls and I will now be working in integrating this into the PCMTec Editor and we will provide updates on the forum link as it progresses.
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    Copying posts over from other forums doesn't work very well with phagotbucket so here's some pics and vids from a recent last minute decision the day before Gazzanats to go do some skids. Little video from a young guy that was checking out the car and asked to come for some laps when I had spare seats. Powerskids qualifying from Saturday only did one skid to qualify then finals on Sunday for cancelled because of rain :(. Straight up dump 4th on the spot about 22psi boost 7000rpm old standard motor loves this sh*t [emoji23] For a total prep time of an hour to fit up a few sets of tyres and no prep to the car it was a mint weekend of skids and piss drinking.
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    Getting it on shortly for the BBQ tomorrow. 5+kg brisket - expecting a 12hr+ cook. Follow the cook here if bored shitless https://myflameboss.com/cooks/208007 Smoked over cherry and hickory.
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    Drop an LS it - it's a sedate daily so should perform ok for shopping duties
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    Got the car home today. Cleaned her up a bit and put the battery on charge.
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    Cauliflower pizza With capsicum mushroom, pork, kransky, spinach, bocconcini and then freshly grated Parmesan after ward
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    288° duration, 0.508" lift, 112-114 lsa peak torque 1350nm is at 3400rpm, and 7000rpm redline
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    Test filled the cooling system, no leaks I can see. Hopefully stays that way under pressure. Drilled the sump and fitted that after collecting the ECU from Ralph. It will have to wait now until I'm over my hangover haha but yeah would be REALLY surprised if it wasn't running by Monday afternoon.
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    You cant change it, cause your dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    we would normally loose power for 2 to 3 days after a cyclone having a generator is just so much peace of mind don't have to worry about food spoiling, pool going green or not getting my internet/gaming fix also get brownie points with neighbor when I run a lead over to her house for her fridge/freezer
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    My wife drives to work 35 minutes each way, 5 days a week. People drive from interstate to get their car tuned by ballbag above me. A 40 minute drive to get your car serviced by some of the best in the business is a no brainer.
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    Yeh because a 40 minute trip would really out weigh some mechanic who “stuffs around” using your words .... buy a coffee, get in the car and get it done right ! They even have brand new loan cars
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    Just ordered an APC 1000VA unit. Hopefully will keep the server and network going for at least an hour, maybe 2 - enough time to finish what I have to and save everything. Most outages here are less than an hour.
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    It’s definitely an area you won’t regret spending some money on, let’s face it we do some hours in the bed so why not be comfortable. I hate the cost like everything in life but it’s never wasted money especially things like the bed itself, can be stupidly expensive for a good bed and mattress but you’ll know where that money went on the first nights sleep
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    mate offered me his old watercooling bits so we decided to fit them up. old apogee gtz waterblock, big twin 120mm radiator (60mm thick or something crazy), cheap chinese pump with res built in (hidden). all this for an extra 200mhz clock speed (might be able to go further) but it idles at like 30C when before it would be 40-50C idle. When I go for a new CPU/mobo/ram I'll probably get a proper waterblock as we drilled the holes out in this one which was originally for socket 1366.
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    10psi less, but not same power.. atleast 10% more power, made [email protected] through a t56, now making [email protected] through a th400 with 3500rpm stall it cost a sh*tload to do the head and cams, im not regretting it. basic head reco which blew out to ported and polished head, o/s valves, springs, ti retainers $4.5k, match port inlet and exhaust manifolds $400, then cams to make the most of the head $1200, adj cam gears $550, timing chain etc $600, factory ecu wont run it elite 2500 wired & tuned $8250, cams too big for brakes CVR vacuum pump $500............ errr...starting to regret it now.
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    Intake side finished(MAP and wiring, butterflies removed, oil feed installed, oil switch replaced, FPR, wiring for gauges in place and hose for boost gauge run into cabin) intercooler piping and installation finished, water lines and oil feed all done(intake side was a bitch) and last water hoses replaced, new wastegate (turbosmart IWG @5psi) finally arrived and fitted as per instructions. Ready for turbo bolt in tomorrow and connect all lines to it. Just still need to drill drain line. Once the drain is in, I'll drain the oil and flush as well as install the sandwich plate and sender's for oil temp/press. Not a lot left to do. Dropping the ecu off to Ralph for initial flash tomorrow too. Hopefully the postie drops the last few bits off!(waiting on one gauge, crossover vibration mounts etc, just little stuff) Woohoo!
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    Good productive day. Organised a lot of bits, and removed quite a bit. A couple of bolts/brackets to go to remove the inlet manifold to fit oil and water lines and gauge tappings etc. Changed fuel reg, map, almost every rubber cooling hose, fitted power steering cooling lines, ordered a few bits from ford, removed turbo again and replaced exhaust side steel line giving me the turbo water return. Tomorrow will be a really good day I hope, will be able to actually start fitting/reassembly. Pretty excited!
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    Yep I also have aquamist. I have a full install write up on here somewhere. I live in Darwin so it’s hot and humid here. We also had no E85 when I installed it. I had it for a few years now and it’s never failed. Aquamist is very expensive but awesome quality. I agree with everything Sixman said. I also haven’t tuned for my full potential. I’m on just over 500rwhp now.
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    These are what you're after http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90651-norrs-watermeth-injection-install/ http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/35425-watermethanol-injection/ @norrs has done all the hard yards with his setup
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    Frank wanted more and that’s what he got ! Previously we ended up on ~270rwkw on the stock FG intercooler and the time had come to finally install a Plazmaman 1000hp intercooler polished to perfection and for safety a walbro intank pump went in. Venom got the tick for a Dump/cat combo and away I went on the dyno tuning it to 304rwkw up from the previous best of 269rwkw all on 13.5psi max and the gains are clear on the Dyno sheet and when all the right parts are used the desired outcome always happens with a (arguably) picture perfect graph heres the picture journey ....
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    WIDTMYC Fri night ~9.30 Decided after a few hefty scotches with family (2yo daughter's bday party) that the sooner my rear guards were given a trim the sooner I could fit the new rims. In the driveway with a work light, masking tape, 5" grinder and brotherly/brotherly-in-law (constructive-ish) criticism...result wasn't so pretty but oh well. Mossies were getting fierce and audience had disappeared inside so host's conscience got the better of me after doing one and I went back to scotch and cake. Sat Finished the other guard, fitted all 4 rims, tightened axle U-bolts & other rear bolts, then exhaust manifold, turbo & dump pipe bolts/nuts. Stuck some masking tape strips in the rear guards - half on the guard return edge and half free inside - then took it for a drive. Felt fine, didn't feel any scraping and marks on the tape shows there seems to be enough clearance now. Sun Washed it for first time this year. Had no tyre shine left but comes up alright for a 9.5yo work hack. Am convinced the usual film of dust & grime protects the paint lol Hope all pics show up for once. Will have to get some in a different light, colour of rims doesn't show up that great in the pics.
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    Definitely worth the drive. At least worth the chat. May be able to hook up one of their loan cars or train station is in walking distance.
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    I have a 2 KVA Honda generator that plugs straight into the house with a switch mains/generator I had put in when we did our house reno we lose power up here on a semi regular basis more so in the wet season with cyclones and such I can run everything in the house except any air con units
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    I should have clarified this...5 minutes when you are gaming lol.
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    happy Friday, Az and everybody else.
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    Morning people thank fark it's friday. Pixy Jr turns 12 today.
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    Was definitely the Jap, mid sized saloon car, prestige era Would often come with mirrors half way down the front quarter panel Made comfy, cheap options for us here as long as we weren't Holden/Ford/Euro. They had the gadgets years before we knew what they were - mate bought one in the late 80's for bugger all (as his 1st car on p-plates) - had electric windows before most kids parents had cars with them.
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    That was the story from day 1 - wish I'd ignored that story :(
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    Haha yeah with the price of electricity you don't really make any money.
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    Drive the car and smile. No regrets in this game!
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    Oh and replaced PCV and installed the check valve in the line, thanks @NA_TURBO
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    Day 3 Orford Breakfast Swansea Wineglass Bay Bicheno Lunch Matt's Place what more is there to say ahhhh I'll try to get a vid up soon - have something like 450GB of footage to go through ...
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    Pic of braided [email protected] P clips didn't have big enough holes for the bolts (and were thin enough that they got munched when I tried to drill them out), so had to stick with cable ties for now. Still looks better than one hard line and one braided line I reckon.
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    You can see the check valve in the bottom left of the photo.
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    I can find almost no information about a factory check valve but makes sense if it's in the middle of the hose(not visible in normal pics) but did find one post on a stuffed PCV check valve with a pic of a small plastic inline check valve (definitely not the PCV) I'll be heading to the Fraud dealer soon, will see if they have a part# for one. Probably just go ahead and put one in, easy cheap job.
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    yeah, get some LPG ones, as they're cheap and do the same job as the turbo ones.
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    Yeah, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the assignment side of things...but it's a handy qualification to have and helps get me into the sort of work I want to be doing...plus work's paying for it, so why not!
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    use a text file... copy the post number by the "posted" link on each post into the text file, then upload those images in that post to imgur or whatever you want to use then copy the links of each image for the specific post underneath each post number in the text file. Then copy the contents of the entire text file to Rab or me via PM and we'll fix up the posts you mention.
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    Focused on photo/video TODAY the $5k Mac would equal something we could build at those specs. "Almost as good" we could build a machine and include a 4k screen, decent mouse and decent keyboard for that price. Half the price would get a bloody great full system that would work.
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    The wife and I snuk off for a week holiday kiddy free ( cheers nanny ) loving it up the top in the penthouse with a good view and an amazing restaurant here
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    Sorry couldn't focus on anything home Reno related in the thread as I'm just so shocked Keith had a real girlfriend.
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