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    No progress on the ute for the last while, until today anyway. Got my license back yesterday. Was lucky enough to be able to get Chris from Mobile Custom Fabrications to come over and sort out new cooler piping. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Left the silicone elbow on the little GTX as I plan on upgrading that later this year, no point wasting a plazmaclamp on it.
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    Sick of my ute being in peices, decided cooler pipes are getting done properly this time. Picked up a set of 3" plazmaclamps to go with the turbosmart 50mm BOVs. Getting the new cooler piping fabbed up later this week. Hopefully turns out kinda like this but 3" not 3.5".
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    Back into doing what I really enjoy as a hobby and it’s far more exciting than playing soccer ( sorry world cup lol ) but I’ve had Alex’s built BA beast on the Dyno, marks white 500rwkw ute and last night Andrew’s FGX XR8 with the supercharged 5.0 lots going on but ive had to step up Alex’s @pro_xw98‘s boost control system as it’s making already 300rwkw @ 9psi with a progressive peak and seen over 500rwkw already at 21psi progressive with the big precision 7675 and far too much too soon when bringing it on quicker. It was worth a shot at making what he had work before spending more money but wasn’t to be Marks ute hit the rollers for a genral check up and seeing the Circle D converter has “loosened” up a small touch has made the ute increasingly more aggressive which is interesting to say the least haha then onto Andrews FGX with the sweet sweet V8 alloy supercharged goodness wanting ultimately bang for buck a Tune Only was the ticket as he had already fitted a Aeroflow pod replacement hi flow Air filter ( I typically would of used a K&N ). The FGX has a decent amount of further torque reduction and general power subtraction strategies over the FG GT/GS for instance and definitely shows up in the baseline runs 288rwkw was all she had and it’s obvious where in the graph Ford are pulling power out or adding way to much fuel in and being counter productive for generating power. All said and done 359rwkw and that makes a total of 71rwkw on a “tune only” which is bloody amazing really seeing anywhere from 60rwkw to 75rwkw is the ballpark for most workshops and the “tune only” status and most included the Pod filter after the baseline so 71 is really good and I’m very happy with the before and after and didn’t need to spin the engine past factory redline too which most lift by another 500rpm or so on the street it’s chalk and cheese the difference and now it spins the 275 sport Maxx tyres pretty hard with ease whereas it didn’t spin at all with all the torque management left on which is a bit boring for a factory supercharged vehicle stay tooned for more soon
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    New turbo who dis [emoji102]
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    Last day of push bike Weeeeee Day off to get the ute together tomorrow. Happy days.
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    Just called me local ford dealership for some prices on a BA XR6T sump, Indian guy picks up, puts me on hold. Finally picks up the phone again asks what I’m after I tell him I’m after a BA XR6 Turbo sump, He asks what is that I repeat myself. He asks for chassis number, I tell him I don’t have the chassis number only my rego number he reluctantly tries that, it works perfect. He then says in a surprised voice “That’s a ford falcon!?” I then explain that a XR6 Turbo is a ford falcon. Who the I <3 Bananas hires these people.
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    Bought a pool pump from a store in Melbourme or $699 delivered to the door. Was pissed off because I saw one for $645 on eBay after I had paid for it. Went to store in town here to buy some plastic elbows and some glue They had the same pump for sale Asked how much $1268 Didn't feel so bad about loosing on the eBay deal [emoji3]
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    Morning all. TGIF - fly-out day
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    Wrong. VR SS is what he meant Chimmons and all.....
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    I parked her up a few years ago when I lost my leg, got sick of seeing her just sitting around so have begun cleaning her up body is great, mechanically fine, black leather interior is schmick everything works so why not get her going again. Have to repaint skirt, got few wheel chair scrapes, have new skirt badges, ordered a set of black hockey stripes and bonnet decals for it, until I can find either a set of snowflake alloys or another set of wheels I like I’ll repaint the factory XR6 rims, I want the factory head light covers and bonnet protector, I have factory weather shields just not fitted yet! Interior needs nothing much apart from the headlining replaced and the passengers armrest replaced, horn pad is sunburnt on top edgeso it needs replacing Mechanically stock, might fit under drive kit, slightly bigger injectors, turbo fuel pump, set of headers with 2.5 in cat back system, 3 core radiator, thatll do me until I find more things to do to it.
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    here we go again he'll love me....you'll see [emoji108]
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    @PTR_NITRO_FG where the hell u been hiding
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    Cheers - the AMG might be a goer http://www.luxurycarrentalsnewzealand.co.nz/mercedes-cls-55-amg/
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    Anyone got a cheap reliable car for sale?
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    Safest option would be to piss the diff off altogether and turn it into a wheelBArrow see what I did there
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    having an even faster ute will do wonders for your licence :/
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    Thanks mate. Yeah I'm open to options now, as the mechanic wants the car for a week, so doing it myself is therefore more viable. Trying a few other places too. Edit: should I fit a single spinner for safety guys?
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    lookin' schmexy, big fella
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    I think one of those pumps is used in the EK pump/res combo im about to get back. will look at different brands if I get another failure...got my chinese no brand pump/res and it works fine. I doubt it fills the huge radiator to the top cause it has like no flow though but the rig doesn't over heat like it did with the EK pump.
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    morning all, happy Thursday
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    EXACTLY. https://youtu.be/2WdqMX0Z7qI?t=1269
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    absolutely not needed on a non-turbo barra.
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    The dot/indent next to your top arrow on both sprockets needs to be at 12 o'clock and line up with the a yellow link on the chain. There's also another 2 yellow link that needs to line up with a mark on the crank sprocket. Some info here
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    Apparently. Hilux felt quick this arvo, xr is gonna be mental all over again once the new cooler pipes are together tomorrow.
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    Had the wastegate fitted today and also upgraded the turbo oil line and filter to an Intune braided setup. Installed a BOV on the weekend. CAI has arrived and also a Venom Centre muffler delete which I am fitting this weekend. Booked in for a tune next week.
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    Nope, they're 3k+ depending if you go wideband/O2 or flex.
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    only if it's enough to make a steel pan fall out of the cabin due to manifold danger
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    Not fun! Happened to me a few years back. Someone gave me a reasonable but worn out road bike. I already had a road bike, so I rebuilt it as a flat bar road bike for my wife to use. Gave it a test ride to work and picked up a set of front wheel bearings for the car on the way home, so backpack was heavy as. Picked up a puncture about 5km from home so pulled off the wheel and put in the spare tube. Turned out I'd stripped down and either rebuilt or replaced everything single thing on the bike EXCEPT THE FARKEN HAND PUMP!! I only use CO2 canisters now.
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    2 days left till I get my license back. Bikes back tyre decides to blow out on the way to work this morning. Good fun walking the next 5kms.
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    seriously trade it in for a t. sooo many have been through the process of modding a N/A and regretting the money it took to get mediocre performance. T5's are like jelly. boss v8's are boat anchors. my btr is still happy with 365rwkw.
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    officially ordered mine today along with the 02 wide band sensor.
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    good job, ya filthy mingah
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    Very nice Only time consoles win is for any exclusives that aren't on PC - otherwise PC 100% of the time. Hehe - definitely something that needs to be heard to be appreciated Movies and games in full surround sound through the PC using headphones is awesome. Better sound than most peoples home cinema setups and can use it as loud as you want without waking the household.
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    starting to venture away from consoles and explore PC gaming. so bought on eof these: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-helios300-series https://www.logitechg.com/en-my/product/g403-prodigy-wireless-gaming-mouse https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/product/g533-wireless-gaming-headset crazy that headphones can create full surround. so cool to listen to
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    Yeh , nar ..... it needs to be tuned to suit “Before” you hit the key buddy Schweet shot though and a very good chance the tune shop will need to address your pump installation anyway so you’ve probably saved nothing but wasted half your day on the flip side your results are 100% spot on for the installation , that’s a win though ?
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    New fermenter. Pale ale just went in. Got myself a proper keg setup (fridge, 2 taps, gas, kegs etc) I'm currently putting together. Hopefully it'll all be setup and ready in a week or so when the beer's ready. Was so over the bottling of the brews that I'd not done any for a while - this should be a hell of a lot easier and constant. No more secondary ferment, adding sugars to carbonate etc and no more cleaning bottles. Half hour at each end of the brew instead instead of hours and only a week or so before the beer is on tap instead of a month or longer. The new fermenter will let me brew and dispense under pressure - should let everything be a closed loop from when the yeast is added til when the beer is poured. Beer should be a lot cleaner, clearer and have far less chance of infection or "off" flavours - no more banana beer Have also got a nitrogen bottle and tap coming - proper pub "Guinness" and "Kilkenny" etc will be an awesome option. Have still got the "Beer droid" fermenters - will use them for the "small batch" beers - they do 10l so will go straight from them to a 10l keg to chuck on the taps.
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    yeop I have 450ish and only use it while at the drags. but when I had mid 300's used it all daily. a ss is a perfect daily which im thinking of going to or a xrt sedan with mid 300s.
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    Its seems to me the more power you have the less you can use it. I tend to drive my 250rwkw SSVR everywhere , and I do enjoy the V8 note. The power is perfect for a daily.. The TTG is a laugh to drive when you wipe the smile off some V8 drivers. BUT I couldnt drive N/A if its wasn't V8..
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    [email protected] Stopped at uncle Dan's for a couple of drinks [emoji39]
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    Rear diff hat leak, dash vibration. Whining noise (diff or trans) will find out when something go's bang or maybe just my dirt cheap tyres I have.
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    Good to hear its all sorted now. Can we come to the bbq??
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    Bad earth Tps on pedal or throttle body Stall speed too high for given wheel speed ( maybe box slipping) Bad connection to ecu. Bad ecu
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