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  1. At the moment I'm at 1.6sec for a 10.5 at 132mph. I'm more just curious at what time everyone else is getting and there setup.
  2. Just curious to see what people's 60ft times are that have the a zf? Is the auto built or stock, have built shafts and what converter? Also what technique people are using. I have heard of people using the handbrake and foot brake and then just flooring the accelerator and then letting go of all the brakes at a certain rpm eg 3000rpm. Another one is just brakes and then just build boost to a certain level and then just ensuring they leave on a certain boost level.
  3. So a couple of weeks ago the gearbox selector cable came off the lever at the gearbox leaving the car stuck in drive. I finally got around to fixing it properly after the cable ties that were holding it on came off and car was stuck in drive again. I decided to remove the lever from the gearbox, remove the little ball joint and just nut and bolt the selector cable on there. So I thought I would do a little write up for anyone else that may want to do it or has to do it if their cable has come off. I recommend doing it before your cable falls off because I can gaurantee that it'll happen at the most inconvient time and you'll be stuck where ever it happens, I was just lucky it happened at home! The only cost is the nut and bolt but most people have that laying so it'll pretty much cost you nothing to do. This is the quick fix that we came up with to get the car going again so we could move it out of the way. Good ole zip ties did the trick and got it moving, but is definetly not a permanent fix. The lever is located on the passenger side of the gearbox so the car will need to jacked up or lifted up so you can get under it to remove the lever. After the car is jacked up or lifted the lever can be removed by taking off a nut with a 13mm socket/spanner. The lever will just slide off, may need a bit of a wiggle but should just slide off. Once the lever is off you can remove where the cable attaches to the lever. There are several different ways to do it, I chose to grind the opposite side to where the cable attaches and then punch out the little tab. Once you've removed the little tab you will need to either drill out or file out the bush inside the end of the selector cable so a bolt will fit through it. I used a 5/16 bolt as it was the only bolt I had at the time that would work. As much as I hate using something imperial on the car it's all I had at the time. Would probably be better to use 8mm bolt so you don't need metric and imperial tools if you ever need to take the lever back off in the future. Once the bolt will fit through the selector cable hole refit the lever and put the bolt through the lever and cable and tighten them up. Ensure to use a nyloc nut to ensure it doesn't come loose over time and come off again. I didn't use a washer but afterwards I thought it's probably a good idea to put a washer between the cable and the head of the bolt/nut depending on which way you put nut and bolt on. This took all of about half an hour from start to finish and is a cheap, easy and quick mod that could save you some pain down the track.
  4. Any updates on this? Having a very similar issue at the moment but am pretty sure it's just a voltage issue. Car will sit there for for 8 days while I'm out at work and when I get back my x4 says the system voltage is 11.8V. Start the car up and it sounds like a lumpy v8 for a minute and then comes good.
  5. QLD Sam/ CPV Tuning F6 sedan - Palmyra 10.55 @132
  6. Cheers mate, yeah definitely can't complain the time. Can't wait for next time to see if we can improve on the time. Had issues getting it off the line well so get that sorted and it should go a little quicker.
  7. So went to strip a couple weeks ago and it didn't go to badly. 10.5 at 132mph, had a couple small issues so that gives us something to work on for next time. In my opinion it's got a little more left in it but only time will tell.
  8. Yeah I forgot to mention I've got an upgraded converter aswell as a built gearbox. I've got a new some brand new et streets waiting aswell so now I just need to find some time to get down the strip and see what I can do. It's a great turbo, I can't believe how much top end it has its just unreal.
  9. Yeah alright, first time I've ever heard of a company doing it was monsta torque. Do they all perform roughly the same? I had always been pushed towards a gtx or a precision. Yeah mine has the .7 cover.
  10. They seem to keep it fairly quiet though. I've had turbo Falcons for about 3 years now, with the last one being a bf and it wasn't till I got the f6 and started talking to Dave that I even heard about this turbo. So they have done well on keeping it a bit of a secret. But I have seen on Facebook a company called RaceEquipped doing a very similar turbo now. They call it a high flow gt35 which has a 66mm
  11. Yeah that's the one. It's a great turbo
  12. So a couple months ago the turbo on my f6 failed so it needed to be replaced. I had been talking to Dave from CPV Tuning for a couple months about upgrading the turbo and when the stock turbo failed it kind of forced my hand and the turbo was upgraded. Hadn't planned on doing it this early but couldn't see the point in replacing the stock turbo and then getting a new one again in 6 months time. So a custom turbo from monsta torque was ordered and installed to go along with existing mods like manta exhaust, twin 460 surge tank, intanke 460, PW stage 3 cooler, valve springs, 1000cc injectors and stall converter. The daily tune ended up doing 459.6kw and the drag tune ended up going 493.4kw, both were on e85 Most impressive thing about the car is that it still retains the standard airbox and intake so there is no doubt in my mind that if a turbo side intake was installed than the car would make over 500rwkw but that's not what I was chasing with this car. I wanted to keep a relatively standard looking engine bay seeing as though it is still my daily so to the untrained eye it would still look standard and I wouldnt get much attention. I also wanted to see if it was possible to run a 9 on the standard intake so will hopefully get a chance to go down the strip soon and see what time it does.
  13. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has had any experience with innovate motorsport guages. I haven't heard anything about them but have come across one of their new guages the ecb-1 which looks interesting. I was actually just looking at there boost and a/f ratio one as that's what I was looking at getting but then came across the ecb-1 that does ethanol content which could be handy to check the ethanol content, and then also fuel temp which I probbaly wouldn't use much. So if anyone has any feedback about this guage or just innovate motorsport guages in general that would be great.
  14. Cheers for that. In my mind I thought as long as it had the manifold pressure there it would have held closed unless there was a leak/ hole in the diaphragm. But then it would have leaked regardless of if it was installed the correct way or not.