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Possible mod on head or broken head?


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First time building a barra and I've found a hole in the front of the head. What raised concern was the obvious signs of tool marks (most likely from a dremel). This suggests it was made after casting.

My questions are: is this how they come from the factory?; is this a mod done to BF and later models? (I was advised the engine came from a BF)


Photos of hole attached along with the only photo I could find on the web with a similar hole.





Barra head hole in head.jpg

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It goes; casting, knocking the casting out of the sand, chopping off casting runners, knocking out flashing, grinding the remaining flashing, bead blasting/cleaning, machining etc etc.


It is normal to have left over flashing due to lazy fettlers and also normal to have grinding where the flashing used to be.


And yeah that hole is there on every head

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