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Rough gear change at low speed auto BA

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Just picked up this 2003 xr6t 4 speed auto for a bargain - great car so far other than this jolt it has with the gearbox when changing from first to second at low speed (without acceleration)

If I give it a bit of gas it shifts perfectly fine, if I’m using the triptronic it shifts perfectly fine.

Seems as if first gear holds for too long then all of a sudden bangs into second gear (revs are off?)


Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated!

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pretty standard for an old 4sp... you can get it tuned out or it might be something mechanical like the centre bearing or something like that causing a thud.



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Thanks for the replies guys.

It’s done 189,000 he’d used it as a daily commuter for the passed 7 years doing around 80km a day guessing a lot of that would have been bumper to bumper traffic which probably has something to do with the thud.

Picked it up for $2000, in NZ it was stuck on limp mode & supposedly had a stuffed turbo which turned out to be loose bolts.

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