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ICEngineworks pipe kit

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interesting concept... you still need to be able to do the fabrication yourself anyway, so it's probably only a time-saver for people like turbo-yoda who are constantly doing custom manifolds.

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True; "has anyone ever seen this kit used" would've been better wording and it's probably really only of (casual) interest to welders/fabricators


My brother and I are setting up the shed at the back of the workshop properly, will post some photos (yes, in the relevant sub forum :P)

He's doing a lot of after hours auto fab work through scumtree and word of mouth... intercooler piping, exhaust mods, along with the usual 4x4 bar work etc

He's had a bit of interest from at least 1 customer about doing LS conversion turbo manifolds and doing some research led to this kit coming up.


I used to do a fair bit of this other fab work, but previously always tried to steer away from automotive items since there were too many pimple dicks in s13's after $100 intercooler pipework...

With decent contacts it appears to be a whole new ball game though, I may just get back into it

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