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BA 03 XR6T ute. What to keep?


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Quick Update.

I had some spare time on the weekend so I pulled the engine and auto out as one unit. I have decided I'm not going to try and transplant this into another falcon. I live remote so I want put it in a 4x4. My mate said for a carton of Beer he would make me a stand alone loom out of the factory one (winning).

I have a few questions about the ECU. 

1. I need to get the security removed.  Is this like VATS in the Late model camira world?

2. Can I send the ECU away for this to be done? If so can someone recommend somewhere that can do this and what is the cost? 


This is my list ATM for the swap.   SWB Maverick, MWB FJ73 or a FJ45 ute. Feel free to add what you think could be a good swap. Also I'm not in a rush I'll just be doing things when time and funds permit so updates will be slow. 

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So after a few years I have an update. I am going to pick up a genuine tickford ef xr6 this afternoon it has been sitting for a few years in the weather.

Mad rust in boot and bonnet but the roof and pannels seem to be only faded paint was running before it was left to sit the owner seems to think it should fire up with a new battery 🤞 updates should be a lot more frequent from now on. Let the shenanigans begin.   

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So I picked up the ef it is a genuine Tickford but after going over it the last few days have decide there is way to much work  that needs to go into it before even trying to do a Barra swap to it. RUST LOTS AND LOTS OF RUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is already a person from work who wants the interior (This was its saving grace no water had gotten inside and the interior was in great condition) and his mate wants the engine so I gave them the same deal I got it for "tow it away and its yours" Should be gone in the next few days.


I'm actually Quite happy with the outcome because if I hadn't of picked it up it was going to the dump at least now some of it has been saved and will live on. Could be a while till I'm back again Peace out for now. 

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