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  1. Quick Update. I had some spare time on the weekend so I pulled the engine and auto out as one unit. I have decided I'm not going to try and transplant this into another falcon. I live remote so I want put it in a 4x4. My mate said for a carton of Beer he would make me a stand alone loom out of the factory one (winning). I have a few questions about the ECU. 1. I need to get the security removed. Is this like VATS in the Late model camira world? 2. Can I send the ECU away for this to be done? If so can someone recommend somewhere that can do this and what is the cost? This is my list ATM for the swap. SWB Maverick, MWB FJ73 or a FJ45 ute. Feel free to add what you think could be a good swap. Also I'm not in a rush I'll just be doing things when time and funds permit so updates will be slow.
  2. Thanks again EL the above info is the exact stuff I was hoping to find out about. I will be posting with updates as they come though.
  3. Thanks for that EL I had a look at the brakes cant see brembo or anything on them so probably just the normal ones. I have electrically and fluidly (is that a word?) disconnected the engine from the car. I had issues with removing the dump pipe as two of the nuts are stripped had to be the two bottom ones. so ill put it up on stands this afternoon and see if I can get at the two bolts further down the exhaust from the underside or ill just cut it off with a grinder. Should be ready to pull it out on the weekend then ill grab the body harness and that should be job done until I find something to transplant it into. I live in a small town so the last few days after acquiring the car I have been scoping peoples front yards for possible donors. I have found two (I still need to talk to the owners) a white EL sedan xr6 and also a purple BA sedan xr6 both look like they have been siting for a long time.
  4. Thanks Mate ill just take it all. Whats the go with the diff can I pull the centre out and use it in an IRS housing? and are the brakes Special because its a turbo model? Thanks again for answering this Noobs questions.
  5. Thanks for welcome and quick reply K31th. I know the main things I need to keep as mentioned above but was wondering if there is anything specific I need to keep from the car. As I mentioned I was given this car so I have no plan as to what I want to swap the Barra into could be a 4x4 or something totally left of field. but I don't want the whole car sitting in my backyard for the next few months / years so thought I would rip out the Goods bits and get rid of the shell. So more just little things that may be needed for a conversion that isn't obvious. Eg. some special part of the loom in the dash or pedal box things like that. Thanks,
  6. Hi Forum 1st time reader and poster so hopefully this is in the right place. Yes I have searched the forum but I couldn't find anything relating exactly to my question. If I have missed it please link the thread for me. I have been given a BA 03 XR6T ute auto. I just want to take out the engine and box. what else should I take from the car before I dump it that I might need later on to make a conversion easier. I don't have a car planned for said conversion. This is my fisrt time working on a XR6T So I have no idea what I should keep and what is ok to junk. I will probably be posting over the next few months when and as I need help. Thanks
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