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larger return hole

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is this part of the fuel tank setup?


I was under the impression you needed to drill out the return hole in the fuel pressure regulator itself, or purchase the bolt in GFB one when installing high flow pumps. 

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On 15/04/2019 at 3:45 PM, My_XR6_Turbo said:

Hi guys, I'm installing a walbro 460 intank pump and I know I need to drill the return line out to 4.5mm. Is this the right one? Can anyone explain what the center one is for as it's blocked? Thanks,


The centre 1 is used to hold it into the bottom of the pot, ( the locking pin ), I drilled mine out to 4mm, certainly quietened down the pump audibly, AFR at idle settled from low 12s to stoich, so it made a difference, though as suggested by BEERTURBO, just buy the GFB drop in reg

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