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Hi All,

Thanks in advance, as my first post on any forum.


I am about to undergo the gu barra conversion using the patrol auto and fg na barra.


I have been researching a lot.  and screenshot a lot.


I have been thru many circles of so many sites and just wanted to ask a few questions if I feel stuck in any ways. 


I am hoping to start the build in next 3 4 weeks and am accumulating bit by bit.

ordered dellows today, also weld in mounts and pedal adaptor from manning valley offroad today.


na fg will b here in 2 weeks and other parts will start arriving during this time too.


if anyone can flick thru some pointers, mostly on remapping ecu and electrical gremlins I may need to be aware of woukd be great.


also any tips from those who have done the conversion would be greatly appreciated. 




SA 5280

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Welcome. Good choice of 4wd and motor! Needs turbo though lol


Have seen a few around. There's facebook page for barra patrols. Not sure how hard it would be to find info on there. Darkhorse Performance over here in WA have just done a gu with n/a barra. If you're in SA @JETURBO is the resident guru. Even though you're not doing turbo he might be able to remap still? If you're looking for a wiring harness I think Killa Kustoms in QLD sells them. 


You'll probably find a lot more specific info on the conversion from patrol4x4.com forum. Good luck with it. Keep us updated 

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thanks guys,

yeh I am not on fb but wife is and have checked thru and screenshot a fair bit from barrapatrol site. very informative.

I am going the na and fg firstly for economy, good power and having the strongest motor, re rods etc.

I am sure it will make a heap of difference to the performance over the standard 4.5litre. and apparently the autos in. patrols are revised truck boxes and almost bulletproof. 

have also signed up to patrol4x4 but for some reason I cannot send any posts or pms on there?? always asks me to log in after I have typed in mybstory/question even though I alreadybare and I lose the lot!!

I shall make contact with @jetturbo today re ecu etc. 

cheers all

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