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  1. Welcome. Good choice of 4wd and motor! Needs turbo though lol Have seen a few around. There's facebook page for barra patrols. Not sure how hard it would be to find info on there. Darkhorse Performance over here in WA have just done a gu with n/a barra. If you're in SA @JETURBO is the resident guru. Even though you're not doing turbo he might be able to remap still? If you're looking for a wiring harness I think Killa Kustoms in QLD sells them. You'll probably find a lot more specific info on the conversion from patrol4x4.com forum. Good luck with it. Keep us updated

    Looks like they already have the extensions on them, the purple bits? I have a feeling the elec connectors are different to B series too?
  3. V8 Super Cars & Supporting Catagory

    busted ass image link! keeps dropping the [I m g] at start of the link every time I paste it. NFI what's going on there???
  4. V8 Super Cars & Supporting Catagory

    I was thinking same thing with erebus Keith. When Reynolds first got the cramp and let Lowndes past the cynic in me thought it looked a bit set up! Glad he won but a fight till the end would've been better to watch. It's no 4k set up but it did the job today while I did some engine work https://I.imgur.com/sdlQTre.jpg?1[/img]
  5. Perth. I assume it has a bellhousing/adapter plate as he runs a powerglide now. Would have to check with him if were interested.
  6. A guy at my work has a jerico that he used to have behind his barra powered drag car if you were keen
  7. So just a thought. If you can jack the car up high enough to start with, what's stopping you from leaving the wheels bolted onto the hubs (or bolt them back on once cradle is lowered down a bit), dropping the cradle down with trolley jack and rolling it from under the car on the wheels with trolley jack under the diff??
  8. My Build

    Jeez Brad, she's going to be like a brand new car by the time you've finished! Looking forward to seeing the end result
  9. Turbo Terri RWD conversion?

    Didn't the turbo terri only come in awd though? If he bought a rwd model he'd still have to convert it to turbo.
  10. Sounds like you're on the right track. There's quite a few videos on youtube if you haven't searched already. Not sure how you plan to jack the car up and down with the cradle out, but I'd be putting it up on stands first then lower/raise the cradle in and out using a trolley jack.

    If you build it yourself is mild steel an option? It's a fair bit cheaper than S/S. Much price difference with v-band v's flanges? Also heard v-bands aren't really necessary for the whole system. Xforce sounds like a good option. Have you looked at venom?
  12. Random Picture Post Thread.

    Guessing it's supposed to be a screamer pipe? Definitely a lot of time and effort went into that. If you like that welding art type stuff check out Dabs Wellington on instagram.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    That's pretty cool. A LOT of dosh for an outboard though! How big is it? Any more pics of the boat? Are you mechanicing or painting? Sounds very similar to this. Fyi, they mention it's 14m but it's 12m.
  14. Cool build. Any plans for body work? Would be cool to see it stay as is for the sleeper look. People will get quite the shock after you decimate them lol
  15. The last 2 episodes... Was good to see the Fairlane hit the strip. Not too bad a times for a big car. And yesterdays episode. Goddamn I love the RX3! Looking forward to seeing Woody's brass donkey collection too lol

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