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  1. Furry muff. Modifing the sump sounds like the best idea. Is there enough meat in the bottom to drill and tap a hole and plug it or do you need to weld in a threaded bung first?
  2. Hey puff, have you spoken to HP-Junkie? He may be able to give you an adjustment/pressure setting based on number of turns in of the screw. Would at least give you a close starting point. If all else fails I have a test rig set up at the moment playing with my pump, you could either send me the relief and I could set it, or if you can get hold of some test equipment I could send you some parts I’ve already made to test it.
  3. So hard watching it creep forward on the line. For the love of jeebus get a trans brake lol Surprised to hear they got a 1.4 60ft out of it considering how soft the launches look. Look forward to seeing those tenths drop once they get a tb.
  4. All this talk about no power bills is making me depressed! Even with our solar set up our last power bill thru the middle of winter was nearly $500. Fairly big house with reverse cycle ducted aircon. We had the heat going every night for that bill and it was the most expensive we've had
  5. 10 mins is fkn excessive. Sounds like he needs some learning #cabletiearoundhistailshaft
  6. Renton

    Stage 1 upgrade

    WHS^ Also if you look on a few of the tuners websites from your area (you can find recommended tuners/workshops under your state on the forum) they'll usually list what parts are included in stage 1 kit.
  7. Wouldn't you be better off buying new injectors thru your tuner when he tunes it? Shouldn't be much difference in price if buying new yourself. You'll pay a little more thru the tuner usually, but then they're using an injector they prefer to tune with and if any issues they'll sort it out. You'd have to get tuner to fit them anyway unless you planned to get your car towed there after fitting yourself, which is more cost involved and probably end up costing the same in the end?
  8. Welcome. Good choice of 4wd and motor! Needs turbo though lol Have seen a few around. There's facebook page for barra patrols. Not sure how hard it would be to find info on there. Darkhorse Performance over here in WA have just done a gu with n/a barra. If you're in SA @JETURBO is the resident guru. Even though you're not doing turbo he might be able to remap still? If you're looking for a wiring harness I think Killa Kustoms in QLD sells them. You'll probably find a lot more specific info on the conversion from patrol4x4.com forum. Good luck with it. Keep us updated
  9. Looks like they already have the extensions on them, the purple bits? I have a feeling the elec connectors are different to B series too?
  10. busted ass image link! keeps dropping the [I m g] at start of the link every time I paste it. NFI what's going on there???
  11. I was thinking same thing with erebus Keith. When Reynolds first got the cramp and let Lowndes past the cynic in me thought it looked a bit set up! Glad he won but a fight till the end would've been better to watch. It's no 4k set up but it did the job today while I did some engine work
  12. Perth. I assume it has a bellhousing/adapter plate as he runs a powerglide now. Would have to check with him if were interested.
  13. A guy at my work has a jerico that he used to have behind his barra powered drag car if you were keen
  14. So just a thought. If you can jack the car up high enough to start with, what's stopping you from leaving the wheels bolted onto the hubs (or bolt them back on once cradle is lowered down a bit), dropping the cradle down with trolley jack and rolling it from under the car on the wheels with trolley jack under the diff??
  15. Renton

    My Build

    Jeez Brad, she's going to be like a brand new car by the time you've finished! Looking forward to seeing the end result
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