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Vcm/ Ids Chinese Clones. Work With Falcons?


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After some digging, I think I'm getting closer to finding some info on IDS and VCM 2's....

Can I send you a pm @Ralph Wiggum
I'm chasing some info on getting IDS and a VCM2. I have an obd2 USB tool that works with forscan but I believe the VCM2 is a different tool altogether?

Anyway 🤣

If you're still active, I'd really love some of your wise insight you might have on this topic :) 


Some link to IDS I have found


I've read through Ford workshop manual 413-01 Instrument Cluster, and it often mentions the IDS tool to configure cluster settings. I'm particularly interested in seeing if it is capable of recalibrating the needles of my speedo and rev dial because I needed to remove the needles to get to the dash PCB. I'm not interested in calibrating the speed itself, just ensuring the digital speed and dial speed match.

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