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  1. I'm searching for a manually adjustable drive belt tensioner for a Barra to replace the crappy stock automatic tensioner. I've been told they are available, but the person who told me doesn't know the brand. I couldn't get an answer via Google either. I have a Barra turbo in my Maverick, and the belt tends to slip when wet/ dirty/ muddy,etc which isn't ideal when offroad. Any help would be great.
  2. Does anyone know if an AU throttle body will bolt onto a BA turbo engine? Are the throttle openings the same size? Can a BA ECU control the AU idle valve? I'm chasing a few dramas on an engine conversion project. A cable throttle might be the way to go.
  3. What would be best between the Bosch 044 and the Walbro 255? Mainly thinking about long term reliability. They seem to be about the same price on eBay.
  4. Will a 155LPH external pump be sufficient for a BA turbo engine with 60lb injectors and a mild tune, or do I have to go and buy a bigger pump? The engine is in a Maverick, so I'm not chasing drag car amounts of power.
  5. Do I require any input from the instrument cluster? I have a U1900 CAN comm code, and when you log the CLUST_MSG its status says 'Yes' which I believe is an error message from no communication. Strangely, the BEM and ABS say 'No' for no error.
  6. No good. I wired up the brake & clutch switches on rocker switches so I can activate the circuits. They read fine using IDS, but I still seem to be stuck in a neutral state. I also logged the inputs with the ECU back in the Falcon it came out of and for some reason it reads 'depressed' when the clutch pedal is released, and 'not depressed' with your foot on the pedal. Attached are the sreenshots with it in the Falcon.
  7. I was told brake/clutch input only effects cruise control. I'll wire it in and see what happens.
  8. Please read the post before commenting & attempting to flame me. I'm NOT trying to rev it 'in neutral' I am in the final stages of fitting a BA turbo engine into a Nissan Patrol and have had issues with throttle cut/ no boost. This arvo I finally determined that the ECU thinks I'm just revving the engine with the gearbox in neutral (when infact I'm actually driving down the street). I have done a flash tune which has been set as manual trans & no ABS (alternative speed input??). I have a signal generator plugged in to trick the ECU into thinking the vehicle is moving, but it makes no difference regardless of it being turned on/off. However it does read a speed signal on the data logger on Ford IDS, so I know the ECU is receiving the input. My question is, how does it know weather I'm driving or just sitting there parked? And how do I solve the problem?
  9. Nice build. I'm doing the same conversion with my Patrol.
  10. Ok so disregarding the codes in the first post, I have checked the throttle via a data monitor on my scan software and I'm only getting 50% throttle. I have graphs (attached) showing it going to full throttle then dropping back and flatlining at 50% until the pedal is released. I did get one drive with 2 logged codes, P2105 and P2110 (limited power and limp mode), however if it were in limp mode, wouldn't it log a code every time? I have tried 2 different throttles and 2 different accel pedals, but with the same results each time (used parts, condition not known) Fuel pressure remains fairly constant (mechanical guage), and boost seems to stay stable at about 5 psi (via scan tool and mechanical guage). I found a TSB in another thread saying the codes commonly relate to TPS failure, but it only logged the codes once, and the poor throttle have been the same for the past half dozen drives. How much effect would changing the exhaust and intercooler have on the situation? The exhaust has no cat, but the pipe crosses under the engine and runs along the passengers side). I know I should get a tune, but I need to work out what is causing the issue before splashing more money. I've tried to be thorough with the diagnosis (I'm a Nissan dealer technician BTW) but I'm not real familiar with mods/ tunes on Fords. Research tells me Fords don't tolerate mods too well without a tune. Going on this info, can someone tell me if this is more likely a tune related issue caused by the mods, or will I look further into the TPS/ wiring? Shown on the graph you can see where I took off from a standstill, the first spike was accelerating, followed by closed throttle (gear change), then the second acceleration with it dropping back to/ staying at approx 50% open throttle.
  11. I haven't looked a my consumption average, but I know I get around 400-425km from a full tank in my auto/ N/A BA sedan if that's any help to you.
  12. Fair enough. I've got FMP but it doesn't seem to work for me (probably the sh*t cable I have) Does it work fine with BA's?. Is there away around the need for a paid subscription? I know there's cracks/ licence patches for the IDS versions, but I havent found any info for FMP. And can FMP be used for diagnostics, e.g. code reading, data logging/ graphs, etc?
  13. Isn't FMP only a half attempted version of IDS? Most of the IDS features are said to be missing from FMP.
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