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  1. Hey guys, I have a 2010 50th xr6 turbo and I have an issue in regards to my cluster. I am unable to set any of variables in the centre of the cluster like my fuel consumption or digital speed reading as an example. It displays it in the small icon/tab up the yop but any time I go to set one of these options in the centre of the cluster it makes the noise but does not appear. Have disconnected and reconnected battery and done all the basics with no luck. Any suggestions? Cheers
  2. that's what I thought, myself and others have done the basic test of spraying brake cleaner around the intake from above and under the car with no luck. So in that regard no it hasnt had a proper leak test done as far as Im aware but even ford said they coudlnt find any form of vac leak.
  3. Hey guys got a bit of weird problem here and I cant seem to find much on this page about it at all or in general. So I have a 2011 ZF NA fg xr6 and Im having a weird issue when I am coming into a stop the car struggles to almost find its idle point and it will rev up and down and fluctuate until its fully stopped. The issue is inconsistent as it wont do it all the time and its only happening when coming into a stop/rolling to a stop at low speeds/gear. Once stopped the car finds its idle and is fine doesnt dip up or down and its driving me insane. I have noticed since this issue began my car has been using a lot more fuel than normal and its been an ongoing issue for the past 2 months whether or not that's related to it. The car drives fine up in the top end, doesnt loose power or anything like so and in genral is fine in that regard. I have replaced numerous parts and nothings fixed it and for the life of me I cannot find a vacc leak. I've replaced things such as, throttle body, o2 sensor, Fuel pressure reg, maf sensor, pcv, battery, even the thermo stat as it needed to be done, even did spark plugs and fuel filter 10,000 kms ago and nothings fixed it and I do not want to keep throwing parts at it. I've had it at ford twice and they keep incorrectly diagnosing the issue as cant seem to find why its doing after I have done whats listed above. So any help or pointers in this regard would be so helpful as like I said its driving me insane. I also do have videos of it doing it if needed as it isnt the easiest thing to explain! Cheers Fellas!
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