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  1. Who cares how much he spent . there is no such thing as wasting money as everything cost money. What people spend there money on has nothing to do with you. You must be jealous people have money to do things with?
  2. Just wondering what the short term fuel trim at idle would be I'm at 1% is this a good number?? It doesnt really move up or down much .97 , 1.09 Starting to to data log and some numbers I carnt really find any good solid info on. Cheers
  3. The only thing left to put on will be injectors and a venom high flow cat and pipe direct bolt on replacement witch could be done in Half an hour if that, all other bolt on's are on car. I will give them a call this week. cheers when done I'll put it up on the forum
  4. Cheers ozywalker I think I'll just bite the bullet and travel up I'm just over 3hr away. Does he do a good hourly rate? I'm not going for much more kw still keeping stock turbo so anything over 300kw will be great.
  5. Any no of any good dyno tuners in the Illawarra south coast area? Don't really won't to travel to Sydney but will if I have to. Any one being to Joel at crescent motorsports in Preston
  6. Hi all just a quick little write up I was going through some left over parts off the fgx I had lying around and had a k&n filter in the old airbox I forgot about so I thought I'd throw it the territory 2007 7 seated family car. It would not go in turns out the air box is different between the two so had to put the air box from the fgx in the territory fits fine so all good. I would of thought they would be the same but no. Little bit of useless info fo r you all.
  7. Yes they will as it is a sealed for life unit and it doesn't need to be serviced according to for. Interesting how the warranty period for all new Ford vehicles collected from 1 May 2018 onwards is 5 years/unlimited km*. Any new vehicles picked up prior to 1 May 2018 are covered by the 3 year/100,000km (whichever comes first) Warranty*. No faith in the falcon ford?
  8. No but instead of the temp guage being on half its just under half now that is with a cai as well I will cheack tomorrow when I drive to work but I am queries now.
  9. Yes very true but power levels area big factor as he says he only put a muffler delete and intake,,stock everything els he is worried about pipe splitting the piping you buy will handle that no problem and the cooler I mentioned if it is as good as a f6 one they have seen 400kw with serporting mods so no problem with his power levels and much better then the plastic one that they have. My self I only won't 350 to 380kw, I might go to a track day one day but not racing it or draging it so as a daily it will do the job just fine, as it would for him to.
  10. No you don't need to pay through the roof the top of range plazman etc you do. Plus you have to move radiator back a bit. Iv just bought the $250 piping and $250 new aluminum cooler of eBay its twice as tall with same thickness and width so twice the size as stock one. you use the rubbers out of your stock one and it slides up under car without having to jack car up. Fits awsom well designed don't have to move aircon lines etc only thing I had to cut was a fin on the inside of splash tray underneath car It says it is only for fg models but went on fine to my fgx. Well worth the $500 investment for piece of mind New cooler installed
  11. You might save yourself an hours labour cost if you can do the plugs yourself.
  12. Surly u could nearly buy two zf gearboxes for around or just over $1000??
  13. New cooler installed Went on with no dramas you have to cut some of the plastic off the black bit that is attached to bumper but all good Jeturbo Ya that is true as it is my daily reliability is a must I might just max out the stock turbo run it till I get a new one then tune it to the same or just a little more. I am trying to keep it reasonably fuel efficient ATM I'm getting 9.2 on the average I use half a tank a week (always fill right up then down to half ) on 98 pump.
  14. Was so pissed before I ended up fitting the intercooler to calm down will put bumper back on tomorrow and I'll put a pic up of it done. to dark to take one now. Jeturbo they are impressive numbers over 1000nm on a stock box with your kit and tune that is genuinely mind blowing.
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