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  1. Ehh, just loose change, not my main project. Pump most of my cash into housing renos and developments. have lot of other cars too, this ones bug was just annoying me, just glad to have it sorted. Only reason I have the coon mobil is becuase it makes easy power relatively reliablelay. Suits the way I drive, had fast jap and euro stuff but bits break so easy whenever you try to push any sort of decent power.
  2. Haha yeah I went 13.5 NA (172rwkw), then 12.5 NA+Turbo on the FG NA motor (260rwkw) until I made mistakes in tune (My bad) and broke piston rings, dropped a FG EGAS motor in and now makes just shy of 400rwkw. Same trans the whole time, the NA ZF 6speed auto, No slip or issues, we did pull it apart on motor change to check things and possibly rebuild it but the clutches had no ware, the trans was like new, oil clean, no metal, no ware, no warps so just kept using it. still have not had an issue, which is funny because mates with 300rwkw have shredded there turbo ZFs, just lucky I guess, I'm not exactly nice to it (Drags and burnout days/power cruises). I'll just send it and see what happens, this motors only temporary, Mechanic said built motor shouldn't be more than 8 weeks away from ready to go in. Yeah he issue was weird, but its fixed. Done a bunch of diagnostics and all sensors are reading correctly, spot on with what the gauges say and forscan shows so who knows, weird bugs some times but never the less shes all good now. Got some 255 Semislicks fitted on the rear so its much more sticky, Got to retune for the GTX so hoping to crack the 400s
  3. Cheers mate. Update: All fixed, chaned HP tuner boost sensor volts range from 0-5v and now it holds boost perfect at 15psi without issues and no codes. Just got a GTX 3582 gen2 thrown on aswell, built motor is not far off now either. All coming together, 10s Here we come 😊😊.
  4. Didn't think there would be as may arrogant c*nts on here as there is... Shame really, on a forum meant to help people with issues. Cars going back in for some diagnostics and a re-tune as I just got a GTX3582r Gen 2 that im throwing on, Will play around some more and post the results for anyone that may have similar issues. As I said I know this build is a bitsa and expect bugs to show up here and there, But we play, modify and have fun.. that's what we all do. This is just fun car I mess around with, its just a falcon... Not exactly a Mercedes, they are basically worthless, so pop a motor or trans who really cares.. Dime a dozen. If you have some advice I'm all ears, got some other projects I'm working on at the moment too, so can just put the FG in the back of the shed for a year or two.
  5. As I said I'm not wanting to name names, Its a freak build and I'm not going to blame it on a tuner when it most likely due to my Frankenstein built and not them That said, Its making 380rwkw on a gas motor with that sensor unplugged and spools up quick as, Went out on a CLUBFG cruise and raced a few people with 400+rwkw from a southern tuner and I walked them... The car makes power, its reliable but there's a bug in there somewhere I want to get fixed, aside from the boost/sensor bug the car hammers and I'm more than happy with it. I'M going to try a Boost T set to 14PSI (Current tune set to that) and see if I have issues, New built motor is going in around September and that may fix some issue, IDK, Its a game of trial and error, Just figured if someone had this issue before they may know whats causing it.
  6. Using the FG-X G6E Turbo EXU, Everything in the cars been swapped to G6E Turbo FGX gear, Dash, sensors, wires. every electronic component is FGX. HP Tuners, Using Desired boost through factory Boost solenoid Prefer not to say but its not just one tuner, its been three.
  7. Hi Gang, Long time viewer/reader, First time poster. So I have a FG MK2 Xr6 that has been stripped down and made into a FGX everything except the body, I like the MK2 front and back over the FGX but everything else (Dash, ECU, Looms, ext) are all FGX [From a FGX G6E Turbo]. The car used to be NA and currently rocks a BF EGAS Motor with a turbo bolted on and crow valve springs. After I got my new tune with a bigger 3582 Turbo it made 380rwkw, But here comes the issue. It will only boost once and goes into a limp mode kind of thing where it will only go to 5PSI after the first boost (Guessing spring pressure as its setting [The ECU] waste gate duty to 100%) It throws NO Codes and will not show any idication as to why its doing this limp mode thing, Turn the car off and back on again and it will go back to normal, makes boost fine for a single pull then as soon as I throttle off it goes into limp mode, Again, no codes and no dash lights but it just stops boosting, Running monitoring software is showing wastegate duty at 100% after one pull... I and my tuner are stumped Heres the even weirder thing, If I disconnect the Boost charge sensor located on the pre throttle body elbow the car runs fine, Yeah it trows a code for the sensor not being there but it boost without issue, just have a code and Eng light on if I do this. We have replaced the engine loom, The Sensor and the boost solenoid and its still doing it. any ideas? We can not figure this out at all, none of it makes sense, No one on Club FG or Barra pages on Facebook have any ideas either, It seems like some sort of gremlins in there messing with me. Stumped guys, For now I just deal with Christmas tree dash and codes being throw so I can have fun... But I really need to get this fixed as its playing with the tune with that sensor out. any advice would be appreciated!

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