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  1. Happy Birthday Terry79!

  2. This is a pic of what I'm talking a about
  3. Hi all there a black hard plastic line running from the top of my zf trans and it gose up my fire wall behind the head , is ment to be left open or blocked of, can't find any where for it to plug into??? Please help
  4. Hi there a black pipe running from my zf trans from top up my fire wall , dose this plug in to anything , is it a breather, should it be blocked off ??, I can find any where behind there where it could plug on to something,
  5. Sounds like fun, I'm keen to join in, with the wife ands kids, meets some new people ,
  6. Hi Stever and gunna, we tried that Steve but the sound is more noticeable with the window down at low speeds and still noticble with the window up, but yes u can here it down around the shifter, there's no movement of the shifter and it's smack right on each gear change. Gunna , I took that engine picture when I got home from picking the car up , it had no coolant in it at all just water, levels where fine and holding , has since had a flush and coolant added, and maintaining it's coolant level, yea the plates are cool, and speaks for the car as it dose chirp all the way to 4th, by then it's a bit full on and need to back of, I've only done this the once to see how it went, compared to my old gts and I must say , that old Expensive Daewoo has nothing on this xr6t , very happy , but it is a family car , that my wife will be driving and just wanting to make sure that the gearbox isn't looking at a malfunction of any kind. And have her broken down somewhere here out west in the middle of know where.
  7. Hi all , I'm new to this forum, and what a great source of info, I've tried finding what I'm looking for with no success , well I just bought my new family car FG xr6 turbo, 6 speed auto, growler cold air , valve spring upgrade , 60lb injectors , shift bov , CV performance tune, kw unknown, To the point, I've notice when driving like my grand mother , as my car goes through it's gears 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and so on, I hear a little click type sound as it shifts in Econ mode and and perf modes , I once owned a bf fairlane for a few months with same type of box (I think) and it didn't mate this noise, and it was an ex limo/taxi lemon! This is the first turbo car I've ever owned and I guess you can say the first ford I want to keep as I'm very impressed with it, I'm not mechanically mined with fords, is this normal or could something be failing, It has dealers 3months/5000k warranty and a plan C nation warranty which I'm going to make the best off, car has 123000 ks, was upgraded when I bought it with the extras. I've added pic of car in hope someone out there may know it, and some more info on it , rego is CH11RP , chirp I think it ment to say,
  8. Ford FG XR6 Turbo

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