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  1. Mustang Chaser

    Anyone else taken a 4 cylinde Ponyr for a run lately? (good luck trying to find a v8) Compared to my FG XR6 turbo I foud it slowish (to be expected) but I was really disappointed in how wide, heavy and unsporting it felt. Looks like I'll be keeping the Fg for a while longer
  2. Air Shocks For Towing?

    Thnx Pixy Angel didn't notice your reply before as we have been travelling up to FNQ. Sounds like I should invest in a set asap thanks for the feedback.
  3. How Many Kilometres Have You Clocked Up?

    Morning all. Have just passed 160000K in my FG XR6T with no probs at all. As well as running up and down the Clyde Mountain between Canberra and Batemans Bay for years, the car has been around Tassie, also around Australia and is now resting in Port Douglass after towing our van (1700kg) up from NSW. Dosn't use any oil between changes (7500k NOT the recommended 15000k by Ford) and auto gearbox as strong as ever. Always drive gently until engine has warmed up too. Maybe that's the secret or maybe I just have a great vehicle. ENJOY it while you can.....safely
  4. Hi all just bought a (smallish) van to travel around and see this great country (again). My 09 FG XR6 Turbo (Auto) has just passed 160k with Bno problems except the rear of the car could do with a bit of an uplift to cope with the van weight. Have travelled from BatemansBay to Cairns no problems but for our next trip (across to Perth and then up and around Darwin) with the age of the vehicle, thought heavier air shocks might be the go. Anyone in a similar position or thoughts on that? By the way, great tow vehicle, you don't need a big fourbie to tow a reasonabily sized van (1600kg loaded), plenty of power for going up hills, overtaking slower vehicles etc. Try to sit around 95-100k and does it easy, just remember to use the tiptronic as a manual and keep the revs in the torque band around 1600-2000. Averaging 15-16 lt/100k on 95 premium fuel so far. Off sightseeing now back later Thanks for your interest
  5. Happy Birthday ceedot!

  6. What Tyres Are You Using?

    Hi guys, sorry have been a bit slack re the site lately but for what its worth I replaced the original Dunlops with Khumo 131's at less than half price (from memory) and would thoroughly recommend them. Just did a trip around Aus in all conditions and no problems at all. Great in the dry, pretty good in the wet and at this stage really long wearing. Another Khumo type (can't remember which - too long ago) were terrible especially in the wet and surprisingly not very good for distance?
  7. What Tyres Are You Using?

    Morning all. Looking to replace my Dunlop Speedmax 240/40 x 18 on my FG Turbo. Managed almost 40k from a set of 4 to date. Is that fairly typical? A few tyre retailers are suggesting alternative brands (Falken, Pirelli & Kumo) to get better mileage. Any thoughts out there re the above? thanks

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