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  1. Happy Birthday Knackers30!

  2. Happy Birthday Knackers30!

  3. Happy Birthday Knackers30!

  4. hey guys I have just fitted seat covers that I purchased from ebay designed for the fg with air bags . I got them with the xr emblem on them plus a strip on the seat cover the same as my car colour, this was for front and back and lets you still use all seat functions , these were $260 delivered to my door, his ebay name was allcarstuff_747 might pay to check him out, hope this helps
  5. Happy Birthday Knackers30!

  6. Mate im looking at a set of wheels as well, similar to your bottom one except with a blue insert, I was looking at getting a chip but am worried because the car is brand new it will void my waranty, I was told by Kloster ford that I could get away with a growler air induction kit and an exhaust but that's about it.., I picked it up on tuesday and havent been out of it yet lol, its my first turbo and just love it... iwas looking at a set of 19's as I will use the new tyres that came on the car
  7. Hey all ,I have been here a few weeks now.. just picked up my wheels this arvo, I had been waiting for it to come from WA. This is my first turbo , and holy crap what a weapon, love it, even thought about sleeping in it tonight lol..
  8. ford fg xr6 turbo
  9. Im hearing you Vitamin D, the suspense is killing me lol,
  10. Very nice Vitamin D, cant wait for mine to arrive from WA, this is killing me lol...
  11. Thanks guys looking forward to possibly catching up with you all either on a cruise or just around the traps, this is my first turbo so am looking to enjoy it.. if ya get my drift..cheers and thx for the warm welcome
  12. Hey guys im new to this sort of stuff , I have just purchased a fg xr6 t in nitro , As I am typing this it is being shipped from WA, as there were only 3 left in Australia that were brand new in that colour. they have told me 12 days for delivery. If my car arrives before the 3rd of June and I am not working I would love to catch up with you all on a cruise.heres hoping, and if all goes well I will let you know more within the next week or so. cheers
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