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  1. Happy Birthday Benny_C!

  2. Ive had some really bad experiences with the Achilles ATR sports that were on the front of my ute, they were 245/30/20s. I need new tyres and don't want to use these again, does anyone know of any other brands, preferably something good, that will fit on and are load rated >93? Im having trouble getting something to either clear the struts or have the right load rating, the only ones that came up in my search were a dunlop sport maxx gt and besides being in Canada they were $570 a corner. If it comes down to me having to stretch on some slightly narrower tyres I'd rather do that than run Achilles again. Can anyone help?
  3. Happy Birthday Benny_C!

  4. Well there goes another $500 for a retune I guess. Ah well at least its an easy fix. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hi all, I recently snapped the hemisphere in my standard BA II F6 diff and had a truetrac put in, there was a bit of an issue with the crown and pinion so they replaced the standard gear set (3.73?) with some 4.10s. Couple of questions, will the new ratio have affected my speedo reading? Im running 20s on it so I know it'll be out anyway but unsure if this will change it more? And something a little weird, my cruise control won't stay on in 5th gear, every other gear it works but as soon as I hit either set button it flashes on on the dash then its gone straight away, stayed on for a little bit as I went up a hill but went back to dropping out as soon as it hit the flats again. Thanks Ben.
  6. Dont know if anyones still interested but I have 275/30/20 atr sport 1s on the rear of my ute and they arent too bad, hold up to 350rwkw but the front I think 245/30/20 scared the utter sh*t out of me when I saw my car on a hoist, all the inside wall had splits and cracks nearly half way round the tyre deep enough that I could jam a finger into, it was just the internal wall holding them together. And I'm pretty onto checking my tyre pressures and that so it wasn't from being run low. Had them on the car about 8 months. Took the ute back to the tyre shop and they rang achilles, achilles came to the party and sent out 2 new art sport 2s. Haven't been too bad but I've been checking on them a lot.
  7. Happy Birthday Benny_C!

  8. Yeah its on the core not the manifold, sounds like its going to get expensive fast. Is it a bolt that should have loctite or the like applied? Kinda ticks me off a bit if its something that would have to be removed to put on the new actuator and has worked loose. Can you tell me the size of the bolt I need to replace it with? I tried calling ford spares and the guy had no idea what I was talking about.
  9. Hey guys, Yesterday I noticed an exhaust leak kinda noise and a drop in power, turns out a bolt was missing from the rear housing on the turbo. If you look at it from the front of the car it is on the top left front face of the rear housing and is where the actuator bracket bolts on by the looks of things. Got 2 questions, is this a common thing to have happen? I had a bigger actuator put on about 6 months ago so just wondering if they maybe weren't tightened? And any idea of the bolt I need to replace it, can someone tell me the size, thread and depth of the bolt and is it something I can get from sprint or will I have to go to a specialist? Thanks, Ben.
  10. there seems to be heaps more wiring and plugs coming off that ebay one, mine only has one plug at the end of the wires. Ill fiddle with mine for the rest of the night but if I don't make any progress any chance you'd be able to sort one out for me bionic? Im in adelaide. Its pretty embarrassing starting a nice car by messing round under the dash first
  11. haha well there you go, proves that old point of its not what but who you know. have you ever dismantled one of the buttons? I have it out the car but can't get the rear of the plug out of the button part
  12. where did you get that price from? when I rang my local ford dealer they wanted $417, I laughed and told them to where to stick that button
  13. I just unplugged it to test it was that, ill have a go at pulling it out and cleaning it in a while, if I don't have to spend the coin id rather not.
  14. it was the button, thanks heaps for your help mate, legend. Now to remove it and try clean it up
  15. thanks ill give it a try, I just got back from a mates where we swapped most of his relays for mine and nothing changed, also now nothing comes back on eventually and I noticed my wipers don't work, lucky I covered the windscreen in rain-x. Ill have to have a look in the light tomorrow, any idea where exactly it is under the dash?

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