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  1. Happy Birthday MAXout!

  2. Happy Birthday MAXout!

  3. Happy Birthday MAXout!

  4. Yep. This place has sure gone quiet. Any second now and a funeral will break out.
  5. This is true, however I thought during my absense there would have been a heap more posts that over did mine. Oh well.
  6. Didn't expect my name to be up that high due to AWOL.
  7. Happy Birthday MAXout!

  8. That's no surprise for you, Riff. You're a good boy driver. Lol.
  9. I lost my license for a year on the spot in a Prius... ... The above statement is not true.
  10. Does anyone know how good the SAAS turbo gauges are?
  11. It is similar here. We get the option to surrender our license for 3 months, or continue with 1 point for 12 months and if fined you lose it for 6 months.
  12. If you are refering to me Paulie, it wasn't. Lol.
  13. How TF do you suppose fit that many numbers/letters on a victorian license plate? EDIT: I suppose MAXITH could work... Wait, wtf am I doing contributing to this!?! :glare:
  14. Lol. Once again, everyone here is so gullable.
  15. Everyone here is so gullable. Did I not mention few months ago that I didn't want to pick up anyone from the forums?
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