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  1. Happy Birthday josh_hammy!

  2. Happy Birthday josh_hammy!

  3. That's a sexy jack... Might have to call it Jill
  4. Happy Birthday josh_hammy!

  5. Nice stuff mate!! Glad my post helped someone! The stuffs magic
  6. Ahhhh crap bogan. Sorry bud I thought u had a sedan... Good luck for you though because he specialises in building 9" diffs and solid axle setups etc... Do it mate you know you want too!! haha my tailshaft was $1600 for a thicker chomoly tubed shaft with oversize unis and oversize centre bearing... And new rear CV joint.. Fitted balanced... And a free sticker
  7. Was his name Phil? Good bloke... When I was in there a couple months back getting a new tailshaft he had a set of BIllet axles there for BA's... Not cheap but if you want bulletproof then ask him about them!
  8. Why didn't this driveline shop provide a fitting and balancing service?? Take your car back and get them to fix it. What good is an upgraded tailshaft if it vibrates at 90kms/hr
  9. You sh1t yourself? Freeze? Steve do it bud. I been at work alll day, just at the intersection of Hutton and Scarborough beach road, dollar here dollar there... Haha
  10. Tab I wouldn't know mate cause it was on there since I purchased the car second hand... I would guess acid rain.. Dags, I buy you paint, you paint for me ok thanks Luke ill do yours for nothin mate. Ill come round when your free. I owe you anyways (Don't know how to do multiple quotes.. :( )
  11. I always dry my car after washing it, synthetic chamois is a complete waste of time mate. Spend the $25ish dollars on a leather chamois they are the ducks nuts. Spot free rinses do work as well if your washing at a drive thru place. I don't actually think these water marks are from not drying.. I think it could be from rain that had extra minerals in it and not getting dried straight away caused it to leave the minerals to dry up and basically glue themselves to the window... Might sound stupid but I read this from a few places on the net.
  12. Hey guys, since buying my BA a few years back its always had some quite bad water droplet marks that just persistently remain on the outside of all my windows no matter how much windex and elbow grease you add... So today I decided to do something about it, did a little research and came up with using Metho to scrub it off- No luck at all... So further Internet browsing led me to a product called SPOT X. It's primarily used for shower screens etc.. Went to Bunnings and they sell it for $23.. Holly crap does it work..!!! Took me about an hour of scrubbing and following the instructions, being careful not to get too much on my paintwork and followed it up with a whole car wash just to be safe, ill attach a photo of my windows before and after the SPOT X, keep in mind the window on the right is cleaned and shammy'd and that's as good as all my windows previously got... Not sure if anyone will find this helpful but it worked too well not to share it around for you guys.... Makes my window tint look even darker now as you get an insane mirror finish on it. Cheers fellas!
  13. Here's my afternoon spent well today! All my windows had hard water stains on them since I bought my car and just could never get them off, decided to finally do something about it and here's a comparison, as you can see the two windows on the left are after the treatment and the one on the right is what all my windows were like!!! Insanely good results from an hours job... Product is called SPOT X Get into it people
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