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  1. Happy Birthday gavFGxr6turbo!

  2. Happy Birthday gavFGxr6turbo!

  3. Happy Birthday gavFGxr6turbo!

  4. Kroozin, any chance I could borrow this mate?
  5. Looking forward to this! I'll be coming and meeting at Liverpool.
  6. I'll be taking the Hume Hwy into Harrys. Could meet at the Ampol Service station just up from Leacocks Ln on the Hume?
  7. Anyone leaving from Campbelltown keen to meet and cruise to harry's? Or wollongong people, will you be crusing through here?
  8. Hay put me down as a maybe.. Put in for time of work so fingers crossed!!
  9. Happy Birthday gavFGxr6turbo!

  10. Hi everyone, just new to this site. Have a FG XRT and just finished doing some mods to her. Decided on the HKS T51R and mounted the HKS T51R on a custom steam pipe manifold with a HKS GT II 60mm wastegate controlling boos, screamer pipe, 4" custom dump pipe to a high flow cat to the factory ford rear exhaust system. The whistle on this turbo is INSANE!! Then put a Plazmaman 1000hp front mount intercooler kit was also installed to keep intake temps in check, alloy header tank and battery relocation. The vehicles engine is still totally factory with upgraded fuel injectors. The stock fuel pump m
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