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  1. Happy Birthday fpv_ute!

  2. Happy Birthday fpv_ute!

  3. Happy Birthday fpv_ute!

  4. Happy Birthday fpv_ute!

  5. I think this is possible, I had a hydro setup in my 200, and it had 400rwkw.... it was attached to the firewall, and came out on the left of the steering wheel. Could come in to corners at 150 and rip it in.... I drift my fg f6 ute at the drifts here in syd and am still using the stock handbrake until it gives... bottom line you cant connect drifts without a handbrake
  6. that's sound like what I need, can you post some pics?
  7. Where did you get the sway bar from? I get major axle tramp even before I started modding mine, My center bearing went after 5000ks on a brand new f6 manual ute and ford didnt want a thing to do with it.
  8. 2011 fg f6 manual ute leather hard teauno 9000kms making 370rwkw im 22 from Syd
  9. Happy Birthday fpv_ute!

  10. I sniped it on ebay, But http://www.bestmufflers.com/bshop/index.php?cPath=119_346_485&osCsid=93e9fe918d18f377f18719e560ea37da Theres the link to cheap systems, $1500 new was piss easy to fit, I just parked half on the gutter so I could get under the ute.
  11. The twin 2.5 doesnt hang as low, and I didnt have the choice as I got the full turbo back stainless system new for only $850
  12. Nah mate I only drive cars with 3 pedals...
  13. Love the panda... more sleeper like too, and what did you want more pics of?
  14. Yea pretty hefty insurance but it was $2500 cheaper than any other quotes I got! Im a qualified builder/carpenter running my own company. I only really do houses on the northern beaches, But was helping a mate out, in seven hills...TREK!
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