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    My xrt,,,er..Friday night drags..Ps3 and women..
  1. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  2. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  3. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  4. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  5. Happy Birthday hkrupt!

  6. yer all the wiring had melted near the new cat and dump pipe, but of coarse they said was nothing to do with them removing all the heat protection gear off. also said my actuator was rooted, all very sus seeing as they only just replaced the turbo. Oh also never get xforce gear, iv been back in there every second day due to it banging around under the car, and met a guy there who was having the same drama. the mechanic said "oh this is a common prob with xforce stuff", he could have said that when he advised me to buy the fkn thing!!
  7. I have the same problem, only mine blows a sh!t load of smoke when things just get exiting, got mine done at nizpro a while back, but something feels like it gone up the sh!t. Goin back in on monday, hopefully my rod's stay inside the motor till then..
  8. Thanx bro il look em up, they nice and close for me.
  9. its a custom tune, not sure if it does it on stock tune, as I'm kind of scared to floor it again.. lol..
  10. Hey yall, I have a quick question and I'm hoping its an easy answer. iv had the ba flash tuned and few other things done, recently had the trans rebuilt. But now when I stick the boot into it the car backfires and sends a HUGE smoke screen out the rear, Do I just need a new tune? or is there something more evil going on?
  11. scottay I think your right....I heard a knocking from the diff turning left today...oh christ im up for some $$$$ ain't I...
  12. No sh*t?? So how u go about fixing it bro? It's kind of pissin me off now..
  13. hkrupt


    Think this is my new screen saver, fkn sweet photo..magic..

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