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  1. Happy Birthday GNU UP!

  2. Happy Birthday GNU UP!

  3. Happy Birthday GNU UP!

  4. Happy Birthday GNU UP!

  5. I was looking at it today and thinking how it would be, might have to jump at it now cheers
  6. hey guys, I bought one and installed one of these kits and got car tuned by c and v, like myself they were very impressed with set up as it is neatly tucked away. kit came with everything needed including wiring harness and the relay sits in original fuse box, unlike other kits on market you have to make up wiring etc. wish I had a stronger bottom end to get the twin set up as it looks porn..... I wouldnt worry bout his ebay numbers as I payed via paypal and delivery was prompt hope this helps you boys
  7. hey chris, if standard brakes are on ute then all is the same, although for bf they are different part number I can do for the same if its group buy, feel free to buzz me on 0450-958-483 if u wanted a set before hand and ill give u more info mate. cheers
  8. hey chris, ill find out and post in group buy tomorrow for everyone with sedans and utes. a set I was refering to either front or back, both are available. cheers jason
  9. not stupid at all, no these are a better than standard and I have personally tested on my own car, my last set of bendix ultra's only lasted 20k and I was forever washing brake dust off, these give off very limited brake dust, are recommended for street and track for hard braking applications, they will not fade like standard. the 3 guys that have drove my car have already fitted there own rides with these pads. all good reports from my way mate
  10. hey guys, been in touch with a supplier and am glad to offer members are great deal on front and rear brake pads, as some of you might be already using them you would know how they perform. besides leaving hardly any brake dust they are extreamly good under hard appliciations for street and track. they are RACE BRAKES RB24 and for group buy of 10 or more they will cost $90 a set plus delivery. these pads are for ba-bf standard caliper but will be able to accomodate for other caliper range and also FG, pprice might vary so pm me with details.
  11. any news on another group buy? I am sure there are 5 that want already
  12. airmonxxr you can have yr ones done, if yr in sydney it can get done over 5 hr period, otherwise you can post yr ones and then repost them back to you asap. I will find out for all you FG boys as he might have to get different size rings.. ill advise asap cheers
  13. hey there, give brad a call from DIVINE AUTO headlights on 0421-549-131 as he has the proper l e d ones that do the whole circle and they are on exchange basis so its plug and play!
  14. For interstate guys, as u know they r on exchange basis, upon exchange they have to be in mint condition as the next blokeis going to get yrs and dlso on, A set cam get sent out to you providing there is a bond left to cover replacement which will be refunded once exchange are delivered. Hope this helps as it saves yr car being off the road. Cheers
  15. hey mate, more tan likely by the weekend, ill buzz u as soon as there ready and you can swing past and plug and play!!
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