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  1. Happy Birthday JET340!

  2. Happy Birthday JET340!

  3. Happy Birthday JET340!

  4. Happy Birthday JET340!

  5. Happy Birthday JET340!

  6. Fg Ute Mud Flap Removal

    I removed mine myself (within 24hrs of ownership)no paint damage at all, Just great looks.....Badges came off just recently due to getting signwriting on the tailgate.....
  7. Looking to upgrade the exhaust on my ute n have a few queries, Any feed-back would be apriciated,Looking for a nice Quiet system that will increase power a little ???
  8. ute register

    Hey guys, have not been that active.. Here is a pic of my ute 09 NITRO XR6T no mods as yet just some stripe's n 20" wheels to dress it up a bit I dont get time to drive it much (just clocked up 4000km since june 09) But enjoy driving it hard when I get the chance....Hope to get 340-350 RWKW with some mods later.....Great Forum.....Geoff
  9. Fg Lowering

    Looks sharp mate.....What size are those rims ???????
  10. Build Date

    How do I find my build date ?????? is there a compliance plate somewere?????? Cant find any thing under the hood
  11. Updated Pics Of My Fg F6

    Hey sanzort, do you have any probs with your T/C or A.B.S since you put different size rims front & rear ?????
  12. Fg Lowering

    Hey has anyone have pics of their utes that are lowered.....
  13. Fg Xr6t Quarter Mile Times

    Thanks Guys.....May just have to take it to the strip when I get it run in......thought someone here may of already tested one in stock form.....
  14. Has anyone put a stock XR6T ute down the quarter yet ??????? Jus wondering what they run in stock form

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