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  1. Have ticked all the Factory Default options in the ICC menu and Menu on the Driver's console. I'm thinking the "kinetic" theme has the Orange highlights, and once set, it never gets changed back by the other themes or Factory Defaults. Just would have thought someone else would have stumbled on this, or is it a case of no-one has ever looked at the other themes available in the ICC settings.
  2. So no one has seen this before in the theme setup on the cars? Given the number of FG MK II out there, surely someone must have seen this before...
  3. Has anyone come across a way to create new themes or modify existing ones for the touch screen - XR6 Turbo FG MK II.
  4. The problem is, the actual rule is "Do not travel in the right hand lane"... which equates to "Keep Left" if there are ONLY 2 lanes.... Time they changed the rule and enforced it....
  5. Thanks for you pic and the reply. I'm referring to the actual touch screen, and the colours it displays. For example, the "bar" that appears when you adjust the volume, I'm sure it used to be blue, but for some strange reason it is now appearing as orange. Have a feeling it might be a bug in the code and I'm gonna be stuck with an off beat colour...
  6. Sorry Guys, XR6 Turbo FG MK II - delivered March 2014...
  7. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can help out. I've noticed lately the "Highlight" colour on my display ( like the colour of the volume bar, the highlight on the radio preset, etc) is orange. Now I am almost a 1000% sure it was blue and I have no idea why it has changed, and I can't get it to change back... Any ideas?
  8. Grass

    Boost Problem

    The problem is ??? Your post doesn't look complete...
  9. IF there had been a manual version on offer, I'd probably been in there with my deposit the next day..... Change over price from a 2014 FG MKII is a bit steep to the FG Sprint, especially after the Dealers have taken their "gouge" out of it....
  10. Any thoughts? Or is the 6 Speed auto the only way to go?
  11. Grass

    Fgt Mk2 Questions

    Sure as Hell, I won't be buying any Ford that doesn't have a Falcon XR6 badge on it, but until then ..... I find your comment a little offensive, espeically given it is an XR6Turbo forum.
  12. Ford XR6 Turbo - FG MKII
  13. Ford XR6 Turbo BA
  14. Grass

    Fgt Mk2 Questions

    is there an output power difference between the standard and Premium Audio ??
  15. Grass

    Fgt Mk2 Questions

    Cheers, I'm looking at the outside plastic trim on the door- Guess B-pillar is not the right word...
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