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    My car is my baby! i love it more than anything, its facorty at the moment only caz its under warranty. <br />I work in the indusrty and have always had an interest in cars and engines.
  1. Happy Birthday Boosted_miss_xr!

  2. Happy Birthday Boosted_miss_xr!

  3. Happy Birthday Boosted_miss_xr!

  4. Happy Birthday Boosted_miss_xr!

  5. There is an under cover xr6 getting around brendale, there hotted up and keen to race anyone, when ya nex to them they try and go you, but then bust ya. its blue.
  6. lol iam used to havein ppl trying to get me to bite, work with mechanics lol na I had to work today :( anyone doing anything interesting today? might be going to do skid tommrrow, lol I was so proud I went last weekend and its the first time I got to do proper skids in my car lol
  7. ha that's funny as! my 'friend' spends all my money funny enough I dont get sh*t from him lol but that's kool my cars faster than his any ways You got to get the right one that's will spend it on cars with ya lol
  8. Yous sound like yous have way to much money.lol but $680 is a pretty good price
  9. does any one know how I can change my picture? si yous can see my car till?
  10. Good Morning boys! (and girls if any are online) Hows Everyone this morning? Whats everyone got planned for the day? I got to work
  11. should bring it to me for service, I work at ford caboolture. lol I had a bloke bring his fgxr8 in for its 3k service (all 4 tyres were bald) and spare was missing lol I was like mate you aint ment to flog them that much to start .
  12. had many problems with you fg yet? how old is it?
  13. the flash tune that they come out with, I have a friend of a friend that has the tear tag to put the tune into my xr but im not sure weather or not to do it.
  14. Oi yous should come down to bribie or something one day im keen as to do a cruise around all together. who arranges the cruise?

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