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  1. I would absolutely love to make a billet block one day, but sadly my machine isn't big enough for a Barra block, and to be honest I don't have the knowledge of engine design to really make anything better than stock, so I'd really need someone to comes along that had the knowledge required to advise on what can be improved upon... And help finance the development. My biggest machining centre is ~700*450*450 machining envelope. I'm constantly looking for upgrades but the right thing hasn't come along yet. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  2. I'm glad you were happy with the product, and in the interest of peace on the internet I will also leave it at that [emoji16] I'm sorry the whole process didn't go as well as you wanted. And I'll try to work on it. Cheers, Trav Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  3. Can anyone ever truly have too many material possessions? Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
  4. Misrepresented in that you made it look like I made you pay the entire price upfront just because you had asked for an individual and combined shipping quote, which was not the case at all. I asked for everything up front after you were unhappy with the postage that I had quoted and said you were going elsewhere and that I'd lost the sale. But like I said, this is the internet and everyone is entitled to an opinion. As for quality, I do agree there were things that could have been done better. I am constantly trying to improve my processes and techniques to make the best parts that I can, and I appreciate any feedback (positive or constructive, it all helps me grow as a person and get a better feel for what is expected) and I will definitely try to work on my communication skills. Enough of that anyway - here's some pictures of the finished product (I believe the quality is better than the previous model. One notable difference is a more obvious visible stepped tool path, people I have spoken to have suggested that they prefer this as it makes it more obvious that it is a billet part, and not just cast or something.) These will be retailing for $260 inc GST for the standard -16AN model. I'll be making the barb adaptor this week and I'll work out a price once they're done. These will be available through myself or through HP Junkie in Melbourne (he prompted this batch)
  5. Hey Guys, Travis from Hammond Engineering here. I haven't been on these forums since like 2010 when I got rid of my FG XR6T Ute 🤣 I feel like I may have been misrepresented earlier in this thread, but that's the internet for you The reason I've popped in here is that I'm nearly done with another batch of thermostat housings. This time they're the -16AN style, that will be available with an optional screw on barb to take a standard radiator hose. (see rendering below) (Note: the barb will not point down at the same angle as the original housing) If anyone is interested hit me up on my Facebook page www.hammeng.com Final pricing still to be confirmed, but they should be a bit cheaper than the previous style do to them being easier to manufacture. Cheers, Trav
  6. Happy Birthday xa-mont!

  7. Happy Birthday xa-mont!

  8. Happy Birthday xa-mont!

  9. Happy Birthday xa-mont!

  10. I think I really have to just organise some test drives... maybe a diesel mondeo too? A mate of mine has a diesel mazda 3 and it pulls pretty hard.
  11. Why's that? She did love the XR6t, except for the size of it (she demonstrated this by touching it against the brick pillar of my garage... that made me really happy)
  12. thanks for the advice. I have simmered down from my overwhelming urge to get another high powered ute and my brain has kicked in and reminded me that I already have my ute and we need a smaller more economical car, so it really boils down to XR5 v XR5... unless of course I get excited again. I have read lots of reviews of the MPS saying it's a bit too aggressive. My missus needs to be able to drive whatever we get... its actually going to be her car, so too aggressive is probably a no go. I'de say FG XR6T ute aggressive would be near the limit. Does the mondeo handle well? Anyone got any idea how economy compares? Surely the recaro's in the focus would be comfy for long trips? (obviously it needs aftermarket cruise put in, but that's no biggy)
  13. Hey everyone. Been a long time since I've been on here. I owned (for a couple of years) an 08 FG XR6T ute with all the options. It was a f*cking awesome car and I could hardly fault it. I got rid of it because it was costing too much and I was living in melbourne without a garage to put it in. (also sold my XB sedan with 230rwkw 351c for the same reason) for a while I just rode my motorbike and drove my missus' excel when required. I since bought myself an XC ute with 351 on LPG which served as my daily for a while in melbourne after my last motorbike accident (had my bike off the road for ages.) I have now moved to the country, bought a house and I work about 1.5km from where I live, so the pushy is the daily, and the XC is the weekender/workhorse and the missus' excell is the same piece of sh*t that just does everything you throw at it... poorly, but it does it. Anywho. boring story over. My gal and I keep discussing her getting a new car and we were planning on an XR5t focus, because she wanted a smallish car but wanted something that was gutsy as well and had some luxury (would have to have leather), we also keep discussing how awesome my ute was and how it was just cool as hell. then on Saturday my mate came over with his BF herrod pursuit and after a test drive I came home with a smile ear to ear and we started looking for cars online So the question really is. would I be satisfied with an XR5t or should I just get another 6t? It's only the 2 of us and our 2 dogs, so a ute is fine, but a sedan would be fine too cause I'll keep the XC for the foreseeable future probably. Is the mondeo a bit gutless with the 5t donk? is the TDI maybe a better choice? Our price range is about 25k. so this has me looking at BA/F F6's, FG6t's and 08+ update 5t's. My missus hates the ba/f sedan shape so if it's a sedan it has to be an FG. wow... long post. TLDR version: had/loved my FG 6t ute. have 25k to spend should I get a 6t or a 5t.
  14. Happy Birthday xa-mont!

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