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  1. Happy Birthday angermagnt!

  2. Happy Birthday angermagnt!

  3. Happy Birthday angermagnt!

  4. Happy Birthday angermagnt!

  5. Happy Birthday angermagnt!

  6. Well. it was a nice morning... Was driving home after going into town in darwin to check on the boys at work (Security). Was crusing along in third towards palmo from town. Was slowing down for the lights. the lights turn green.. give about half throttle. wasnt giving it to much just reving it out.. then all hell broke loose.. hole car shakes. Farking loudest bang ive heard in a while. so now im looking for a place to get a decent T56 in darwin. if there is such a place. help please =(
  7. Ba Fog Lights

    well it all started with the drive from Canberra to Darwin... There was some road works between Mount Isa and Rocky. my fog lights got completly smashed by the stones on the drive up but still worked. then 40kms out of Katherine my cousin who I drove up with decided to hit the only wallaby I had seen from 3 ways to Dawin and completly smash the last remaning working fog light to bits at 2am in the morning. So... after a number of conversations I drove the rest of the way. My Question... What is the size of the Ba Mk1 Fog lights and is it worth getting the ford ones or is there a spercific brand of fog lights I should be looking for and what is the expected cost. As I am now living in Darwin a nice bright set would be great.. Any help would be apreciated "yes I know my spelling is not the best but I have just finished 25hrs worth of shifts and cant really be bothered " Brody.
  8. Nt Chat.

    thanks guys. Yeah im definatly enjoying this part of the year.. december was crazy!! loving the coolness
  9. Nt Chat.

    hey guys.. moved up here to darwin from canberra a while ago. just wanted to say hey.. I own a silver xr6t with black act plates.. not hard to spot..
  10. Suggestions?

    that's the way!! but yeah. typhoon CAI will do the trick to.
  11. 2 Quick Questions

    Hey guys n girls... I have a ba mk1 turb's.. Just wondering what size the standard exhaust is. and how much work is involved in getting a 3 1/2 cat back with a 3 1/2 high flow cat.. and what is the diff in the car? is it a M84 something? thanks in advance.. Brody
  12. Strange Sputtering, Maybe Traction Control?

    Man I have been getting the same problem aswell now... I dont think its my tune thou.. because my tune ran fine for a year and now all of a sudden its doing the same thing.. spluttering under 3/4 and full throttle. then I thought it could have been a bad batch of fuel. 8 tanks from different servo's around canberra and still the same problem.. I put it in for a service and got all of the fuel filters changed.. it stopped doing it for a little bit... "Kinda" Now its just constant again.. think I might take it to Genteck and get it stuck on the computer and see if they can find the problem. Because that's where it was tuned and I trust them with my car.
  13. Quick Question.

    Lol yeah true.. Hmm will be interesting to see what the fuel is going to do now fuel is $88 a barrell. Thanks for the info fellas!
  14. Quick Question.

    so I dont have to have the car running on 15 - 18 psi constantly. want to be able to knock it down to 8 - 12psi for around town and just cruising. then when I want to have a squirt just press a button and have the full power there. cause fuels killing me lol.. and 15 - 18 psi constantly will just be nuts.
  15. Quick Question.

    I have got the car running a capa flash if that's what you mean by edit. .. so correct me if im wrong or not getting the point lol But if I edit the cars ecu to a higher boost presure. say 15 - 18 psi and have the Eboost running so it has a 12psi and a 18psi setting and only switch inbetween the flash tunes max boost level it wont go into limp mode?

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