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  1. Happy Birthday MZ L45H!

  2. Happy Birthday MZ L45H!

  3. Happy Birthday MZ L45H!

  4. Happy Birthday MZ L45H!

  5. Happy Birthday MZ L45H!

  6. Jens Coon

    2007 BF MKII XR6T A few pics from since i have had the car to now
  7. Newcastle Area

    Congratulations as you know from our conversations I am jealous I want the viper one *sobs in corner cause im being sensible and choosing to get out of debt*
  8. Newcastle Area

    Can you please send me a link on fb for the cruise and count me in hehe I should make an appearance again Gee might even put the shoes back on haha e3ven though they all mangled
  9. Newcastle Area

    Nope no ticket come through...knock on wood So glad I didnt get one not something I could of afforded at that time lol
  10. Newcastle Area

    Is this a anybody cruise or special invites??
  11. Newcastle Area

    Hola Mitch Whats been going on buddy?? And the only guy I cant think of who does stereos and stuff who may have an idea would be Anthony in whats the name having a memory blank on plates taxi?? black xr6t someone help me out lol
  12. Newcastle Area

    Fancy seeing you on here How is your coon going?? Hope your happy with it :-)
  13. 50Th Anniversary Xr6 Turbo Ordered

    After driving a FG XR6T 50TH Anniversary in Viper today im sold I just want one lol And im not into modding them up besides maybe different wheels, darker tint and lowering it a tad more hehe But I just couldnt get over the difference between the bf and fg....well I thought so between mine and the fg
  14. 50Th Anniversary Xr6 Turbo Ordered

    Hey Guys Im looking at getting a FG XR6T 50th Anniversary edition also Is there any dealership you recommended for best deal in Sydney area?? As im looking at trading in my BF 07 XR6T on a newer one All information will be greatly appreciated Thanks Jen

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