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  1. Happy Birthday BLKPHN!

  2. Happy Birthday BLKPHN!

  3. Happy Birthday BLKPHN!

  4. I'm not Paul.. There is two BLKPHN's on this forum, I'm guessing that's his car for sale also. I'm the original BLKPHN lol. As for tuning nothing just yet.
  5. Really where is it advertised? I have seen the BA with the plates BLKPHN for same but it's defiantly not my old one.
  6. The Old F6 still always has a special place.. I miss it bad sometimes. Yeah I actually replaced in the inner rear splash guards as they were pretty trashed from all the country diving it has done. It is need of a decent detail. It has been hit with a orbital buffer by someone who doesn't know how to use one and it has mild ghost marks all over it not a huge problem, I'll correct it when over a weekend soon. Yeah a Sig change for sure the Name will stay as its the same on all the other forums I'm a part of. wheels ey?????
  7. So I haven't been on these forums for a while... A long while. After selling my BfmkII F6 a few years ago I'm back in a turbo falcon. I recently bought a Velvet G6E-T with the Cashmere interior, Its pretty clean but lots of little things I want to do to make it immaculate like my car's normally are. So far I've just been getting all the fluid's changed and sorting out a decent transcooler set up to bypass the heat exchanger. As this is my First ZF I don't really want to have the caramel milkshake, In the past all my cars have been manual. To date I have changed the Oil, Oil filter, Fuel filter, Coolant, Diff oil, put the Earls turbo oil feed line filter on. As for Future Mods I'm not going to go all out like I did with my BF F6, I just want to set it up nice., I'd like to get a LSD under it, they struggly so hard to keep traction in stock form. for nostalgia sake my old F6, An now the G6E-T
  8. Happy Birthday BLKPHN!

  9. Happy Birthday BLKPHN!

  10. thanks dude, Ive had a few others too, BA XR8 leather, premium sound, sunroof, 238rwkw EB GLI turbo, AU engine, wolf ecu, 660cc rochester injectors, 206rwkw @6psi AUIII T3 TE50, leather, manual, sunroof, Difillipo exhaust.
  11. Try reading your user manual, My F6 you could only have the indicators come on when you unlock it and they stayed on till you opened a door or it relocked after a while. I found it in the user manual, it was something rediculas like hold the hazard button down while turning on the ignition and then lock the doors with the key fob and turn the ignition of and off 17 times... something weird like that anyways
  12. Hey all, Just thought I would show off my XY fairmont, Ive had it for about a year and a half, been a wonderful car but it time to move it along and get back into a turbo again, Old school is nice but after having a typhoon its just not the same, some of you might remember my F6 typhoon, Here's some pics of my XY
  13. hmm that's the only graph ive got... sorry guys..
  14. that's why I bought it now !!!
  15. I think you crazy !! haha and I think you need a retune... :banghead: Im only running 14psi to make the figure...

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