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  1. Happy Birthday EXR6T!

  2. Happy Birthday EXR6T!

  3. Happy Birthday EXR6T!

  4. Happy Birthday EXR6T!

  5. is Selling his Baby (the car)

  6. EXR6T

    Tassie Chat

    Welcome to the new members, Hope to see you around sometime if your in the Hobart area. For servicing your car or modding it in TAS, Howell Automotive is the go I would say, Pro Automotive does mainly holdens / V8's, I went in and had a chat to the guys there and they weren't too confident about the XR6T, so I'd say stick with Howell, they have a clean looking workshop and are more focussed on Turbo cars and they have the CAPA software, I heard someone with an XR6 Turbo ute got 350rwkw out of Howell recently??. Ultimately if you want a good safe tune by the experts, take the trip on the boat to VIC and get it done right, there are MANY reputable tuners on the mainland, I currently am running a Horsepower Factory tune and I have been very happy with it, but there are many others like Pitlane Performance (where I will be taking my car next), G&D, CV Performance, and a whole range of others whom I probably have left out (sorry). Good luck with the cars guys, and if you arent too sure on what mods to get or your new to turbo cars, jump over to the site sponsors section on here and look for for Rapid Systems and read his thread on how to make a quick XR6 Turbo, it is a post I wish I had read before I modded my car as I would have probably made more power, had the car looking and sounding better, and still saved money. F6T the trip to VIC would be awesome as that is where I am from, but I wont have the $$$ this side of xmas, so you'll have to count me out. I'm still dying to see your car since you got it back too. I'm also pretty sure I found another forum member the other night too, and seen it again last night, purple T with stickers of stars of the back window??
  7. Ignore question 3, I found the thread I was looking for. I did try the search feature but came up with FA.
  8. Hey guys, Can I start by saying thanks for all the help in answering a lot of questions I have had over the past 2 years, you guys are great. It's always good for people who don't know much to have a place to turn when in doubt. Just had a few quickies I thought I might ask. 1. Is there any down side to removing the heat shielding around the exhaust, mine rattles like a car from the 1980's no matter how many clamps I put on it. 2. My PBR twin plate clutch is starting to slip in 3rd and 4th and I was wondering if you can replace just the friction plates or do I need a full new clutch? 3. How do you vent the stock BOV (need a detailed answer here as I dont understand the BOV) and what are the ups and downs of venting it? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Yeah I kind of thought that overboost would be an issue so I flashed the low boost / economy tune (95 ron). I only have the ford flasher not the xcal thingy. the problem is I dont really have anyone working on it because I dont know any good mechanics down here in Tassie yet and there are no Tuners as such for these cars (only holdens from what I've been told). F6T recommended I try Howell Automotive so I might give them a call, I spoke to them about my diff bush previously but wasnt filled with confidence when they swore black and blue that the XR6 Turbo does not have a diff bush and told me I was referring to control arm bushes. I may have just got one of them who was not familiar with these cars though, as im sure that happens a bit. F6T says they are good and to speak to someone else there so I'll give that a shot. Just drove it down to the shops after flashing the low boost tune and still seems okay, no signs of anything wrong, maybe it was just something in the fuel line? I'll see how it goes for the next few days. Of all times to find another modified XR6 turbo I pull up to one when I have my low boost tune in and my car goes like a N/A. It's like the first time in Tassie I have pulled up next to a modified XR6 Turbo and it's when im having dramas ... *sigh* Damn murphy and his laws
  10. yeah it only started doing it this morning, was fine on the way home from work tonight though, which is strange, seeing it was bad on the way to work, terrible on the trip for lunch, but fine on the way home, I even gave it a little squirt and power seems unaffected. Tassie fuel is pretty damn bad so it wouldnt surprise me if it is just a bad batch of fuel, but I filled up the tank this time around and it is down to half way before it started doing it, might chuck some injector clean in just in case. But from memory of getting bad fuel before it doesnt quite feel the same as last time. My car is custom tuned. I might flash the stock tune in it for a while or at least until I sort this out.
  11. Started the car this morning and unlike every other time I have started it the car began to rev itself up to 2k revs before I turned it off and started it again. On the way to work the car was surging while accelerating, so while I was giving it normal acceleration it would feel like I pushing my foot up and down on the pedal lightly. wasnt lacking any power though. The surging is not really bad, and feels more like its getting more power than less power. The engine light was on while driving to work I didnt realise until I got to work, but I turned the car off then on at work and the engine light went away. On the way to get lunch the car was still doing the same, but while accelerating I heard a loud clunk and the engine pretty much almost cut off (stalled) it felt like it was running on 5 cylinders or something (REALLY ROUGH), no accelleration what so ever when I tried pushing the pedal down a bit, I quickly pulled over and turned the car off, then I started it back up and it was okay but still had the surging while accelerating. The other thing I noticed is that while accelerating there is no slow down when staying in gear and backing off the throttle, if anything it feels like it is accelerating more. Its a T5 manual, and normally like manuals do if I accelerate to 3k revs then back off the pedal without changing gears it will slow right down like braking but with the gears. When I did this it felt like it was actually accelerating more when I backed off the throttle. even when I did it going up a hill the car sped up. Any idea what this could be and what it could cost to fix? there are no reputable tuners down here in Tassie, and I am yet to find a reputable mechanic either since moving down, so any help would be appreciated. I was thinking fuel pump. The car has almost 200,000 kms on it so its a pretty old beast but has been well looked after, I doubt the fuel pump has ever been changed by the previous owner.
  12. EXR6T

    A Few Problems

    Was those noises only while it was cold guys? had the manifold bolts tightened, didnt help. when the car has warmed up it does not make the ticking noise under WOT. when its cold if you give it a bit more throttle it gets heaps louder as the revs go up and becomes almost a screeching noise... havent checked the rest of the exhaust though.
  13. Hey guys, I had a few issues with the car over the past few months, so I thought I might post what the symptoms were and what the fixes were in case anyone else is having the same issues. Hopefully it can solve someones worries they have with their car, or at least give them an idea on what it might be. Under Car Rattle Over Bumps - 2 Things I had problems with here, the classic Ford handbrake needed adjusting, and the diff bush was badly flogged out and needed replacing. I believe senna_t has some great deals on replacing rear end bushes. Exhaust had a raspy note at about 1800 and 3000 rpm when under load - Rear muffler had collapsed and needed replacing, car also sounded a little bit tinnie just normally until I replaced the rear muffler, it now sounds much better. "tinking / clanking" noise whether car was on or not (based on movement in the suspension like if someone sat down in the car) - This was the sway bar linkage which had either broken or come loose. Driveline was more clunky than usual even on the T5 - 2 things we found were diff bush and diff oil (dont know if the oil made a difference) but I had both done anyway and the car feels much better. Loud ticking noise from engine while the car was cold and under slight load or WOT - This is expected to be an exhaust leak but we are still trying to work it out for sure, could be something more sinister. It only happens in the mornings when the car is at its coldest, and only for the first few minutes of driving. (any other ideas on this would be awesome) Hope this helps.
  14. EXR6T

    Tassie Chat

    Car Sounds awesome F6T, I look forward to seeing it!!
  15. EXR6T

    Tassie Chat

    seen what I think was a Blue XR6 Turbo right near my house two nights ago.. along the road next to the Brooker Hwy number plate was ROB000 or something similar, I think it had stockies on it, so obviously was out having a bit of fun.. is that someone from here?

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