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  1. Happy Birthday DRTYBOOST!

  2. Happy Birthday DRTYBOOST!

  3. Happy Birthday DRTYBOOST!

  4. Happy Birthday DRTYBOOST!

  5. Happy Birthday DRTYBOOST!

  6. its for a ute dude, just fits straight ontop of the tray.
  7. send us a pm with your number mate and should get it sorted.
  8. if anyone is after a bf hard tonnue cover (the one with the bulge) im selling one for cheap in black, ford want 2200 for them..pm if intrested.
  9. plates are in for sale section if anyone is keen..
  10. im so jealous! looks like I missed out on alot off fun.
  11. zorst will be up for sale aswell, full turbo back x-force stainless steel 3", held 342rwkw! keep a eye out in the for sale thread.
  12. yeh dean all good, getting it sorted out as we speak.. I have alot of parts coming up for sale in the for sale thread so keep a eye out WA guys, (also plates 4LTURBO will be up for grabs) at a reasonable price.
  13. well its been a crappy start to the new year for me..im pretty sure its written off but see what the insurance have to say. luckly noone was hurt in the crash.
  14. haha nah mate, just a check up on the new bottom end, and a silcon hose cracked in cooler piping...more and more dramas with these manuals.
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