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  1. Happy Birthday LUMO!

  2. Happy Birthday LUMO!

  3. Happy Birthday LUMO!

  4. Happy Birthday LUMO!

  5. Process west relocation kit is the best on the market. I seen a BF xr6t run a 390rwkws with this on it. Awesome piece of gear. The most stock looking after market gear I think and it can handle alot of power.
  6. Has been done before buy a member, and fit perfect. I never got around to fitting mine up, I have since got a plenum for my T. Been sitting in my garage,.
  7. Something like this? If you mate is interested pm me. Cheers Pete

  9. Has anyone got side on pictures with these spring combo fitted running on 19s??
  10. Has anyone got side on pictures with these spring combo fitted running on 19s??
  11. Only thing that came up was a gearbox sensor of some sort.. My T was originally a 5 speed but I have converted it to a 6 speed..
  12. I dont think so, its a brand new cat and the rest of the zorst was like 7000kms old when I got it.. Would welds maybe cause any problems when they were welding the cat and flanges on?? Cheers Pete
  13. Hey guys, as the title says. I went to get my car tuned in December and wen they ran it up on the dyno it was shutting down at 3000rpm and wouldnt rev more.. Then another 5 tunes then I went to 5000 RPM and wont go any more.. I can figure out what the problem could be.. I have change 3 sets of coil packs 3 sets of spark plugs, changed the fuel reg and.. Has this happened to anyone before??? Cheers Pete
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