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  1. Torque Twist

    Hey all, I'm wanting some clarification as to whether or not the ute chassis could suffer from some sort of torque twist? When giving it the beans sometime's it feels like the rear curls to the left and results in the steering wheel position to the left as if I'm counter steering.. A few mates driving behind me on different occasions say it looks weird as if the rear is twisting up under acceleration. The ute only has 55k and hasn't been in an accident and makes just over 500rwhp
  2. Manual Ute Traction

    Thanks @FiftyOne that's some good insight, I guess it's looks vs performance. Im going to try a set of wider rears and see if that works first then I guess I'll need to revise the suspension height if that fails. @camo86TI tried new revalved bilsteins, and different bushes etc which did nothing, half leaf got rid of it 100%, can accelerate and dump the clutch now and just spins compared to a trampoline like motion previously
  3. Manual Ute Traction

    Having traction issues with my lowered manual F6 ute. Tyres are still 245/35r19, when it wasn't lowered I had better traction as the rear could squat, however now its 50mm lowered with reset herrod leaf springs and an anti-tramp leaf on the top I just can't get traction in 2nd even only on the 98 tune with 327rwkw and new tyres. Does the stiff rear end reduce traction significantly? Might be worth checking out a wider rim/tyre I'm guessing Also broke the water pump pulley last night after being humiliated by a BMWs1000rr
  4. Billet Oil Pump Gears & Backing Plate

    Thanks for the response mate, I know takes a good day or two.
  5. Hi, Wondering if you guys can give me some insight as to the cost of labour to install the billet oil pump gears and backing plate I have on my manual F6? I know it's engine out or drop the K frame. And anyone reputable in Melbourne to do the job Cheers
  6. Modding Your Fg Xr6/g6E Turbo Take 2

    Hi mate did you find the problem? I'm having the same problems on my F6 manual ute
  7. FG F6 Ute kicks left

    My question is why does the car always tend to skip out to the left? Whether it be launching or a 2nd gear roll on, the rear always likes the left when traction breaks, it can be counter steered however. (Ute has a trutrac LSD and still tends to do it, although not as much as the stock LSD)
  8. Axle Tramp Fix

    As it's lowered around 50mm ground clearance is already a pain in the ass, also mal woods tramp rods don't go that well with lowered utes, and caltracs stick out like dogs balls. Some of the CV problems I had were also because of the pedders leafs I had in, they were too soft and it squatted too much on acceleration (usually 2nd gear) and the pinion angle would rise up and just pop the CV Yeah mate give it a shot, definitely worked for me and pretty cost effective without compromising ride/handling characteristics
  9. Axle Tramp Fix

    After spending buckets on the suspension setup on my fg f6 manual ute, tramp was still horrible, went through 3 built CV's, even after re-valved bilstein shocks and super pro bushes nothing helped, especially the pedders lowered leafs which are garbage (snapped the centre pin and actually bent a whole leaf spring). I did a bit of research as I didn't want tramp rods and came across a half rebound leaf that sits at the top of the leaf pack from the centre bolt to the front eye to stop the leaf winding up. Called up around town for various quotes, bloke at bedders Moorabbin said it would never stop tramp (clueless), Moorabbin spring works were quite expensive, and finally got a reasonable quote from Damien at suspension city north Melbourne (great dude) so I went to the wreckers and picked up a set of kings leafs of a BA for $100 and Damien took care of the rest, around $500-600 from what I can remember and even gave me a discount off the original quote. Anyway, tramp is now effectively ZERO, I can now use launch control, dump it in 2nd and it just lights the tyres up. I have attached a picture of someone elses. http://media.turbosport.co.uk/2006/8/2006081612343345337.gif I advise anyone with tramp issues to try this before spending buckets on other methods (like me)
  10. I Jet's Bf F6 Ute Build

    Hi mate, I'm wanting to get some of those solid leaf spring saddle bushes you have. Did you give the machine shop and old bush or dimensions or what? Can you help me out? Thanks!
  11. FG F6 UTE problem

    After having it fixed by my usual mob, The left wheel is still sitting about 4cm further forward in the wheel well towards the front of the car than the right is. Also tramping a sh*t ton more than before and a weird clunk on the left side when going over bumps. Will be booking into centreline suspension as I have heard they are the go to.
  12. FG F6 UTE problem

    So the left super pro leaf Spring saddle bush split and the axle actually moved forward on the left side thus having the rear axle on a slight rightward angle. Can anybody point me in the right direction for steel saddle bushes? cheers
  13. FG F6 UTE problem

    Hey all, my first post. I have a 2011 FG F6 manual ute w/382rwkw (lowered at pedders, springs, leafs and super pro bushes) and it tramps a ton (bilsteins on the way), but this morning as it tramped in 3rd the rear breifly became unsteady, I let off as usual but my steering wheel from that point on is about 20 degrees further clockwise for the car to drive straight. Car drives as it did, nothing wrong with wheel alignment, steering feels normal, no shudders vibrations or noises, just the steering wheel is off centre. although when it tramps now is feels a little different perhaps a more of a shudder than a bounce. Had a geeze under front and rear all seems in order. Any ideas? Mac
  14. FG F6 Ute vs FG XR6T ute

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here! Currently in the market for an F6 ute or and xr6t ute. I am in a twist whether to go with either of these two. What im really wanting to know is what is the difference bar the turbo ,brakes and badge? I heard the Ford has more body roll than the F6 which is a big factor for me as I want it to be reasonably stiff throughout the corners. I am willing to put about 5-6K of perfomance mods in to create a nice street car, in manual. Here are an example of the two I am looking at: Ford: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/_/SSE-AD-3560612 ( Full leather, front and rear brembos, zorst and lowering kit) F6: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/_/SSE-AD-3916895 The ford is about 9-10K cheaper so im up in arms Also my older brother has a VF Bogan special redline so I want to smoke him lol If I have posted this in the wrong section I apologise. Thanks

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