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  1. How did that possibly happen
  2. You need to be careful if the coils are going and they get to the point where they are cutting out for a millisecond the zf will automatically go into neutral because it thinks the cars been turned off and then when it refires it slams it back into gear and will break input shafts
  3. Might be dodgy coils I know when they start to go it can reak all kinds of havoc and speedo cutting out is a classic symptom
  4. The only ones I could find had standard bushes and not superpro ones?
  5. Hey guys if I was going to replace all the bushes and everything in the front end is this all I would need? And do you need a press to get all the bushes out? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331993657744
  6. Yer I know I just thought maybe that's why he didn't reply
  7. Just sent him another pm. Maybe he just doesn't want to post the air box lol
  8. Has anybody heard back from this guy?
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the process west battery relo looks like a weird spot to put the battery? And would you post the air box and the battery relo?
  10. What brand is the cold air intake and is it a 4 inch intake?
  11. Yer that was off the plastidip site
  12. Yer already looked into that auto pro sell it as well so I'll go have a look tomorrow
  13. Might look into this. Thanks rob83r [emoji1303]
  14. How well do you think plastidip would stand up to stones and such if I did like 5 layers?