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    cars, anything fun
  1. I did not mean it, sorry guys
  2. Zhiixb
  3. Penrite dextron vi for zff , dominello favorite box oil, good enough for me
  4. Count me in guys, see u there
  5. I really wish I could go, all the best mate
  6. Hi guys, I'm out , sorry guys have fun and be safe,
  7. I will be there
  8. I'm a maybe . see you tonight
  9. hi, 285/35/19 will fit on 19x9.5+40 thanks 255/40/19 will fit on the front fg f6 with rolled g
  10. im in, meet at harrys, cant wait
  11. michaelr. pm and I will let you know all about intune, good luck
  12. thank guys, I really appreciate you help, thanks again
  13. Ok. It's volk ce28n
  14. ok, they are 19 x 8.5 +30 front and 19 x 9.5 + 30
  15. Hi, will volk staggered 19x 8.5 front, 19x 9.5 rears will fit over the brembos ? Thanks cars is a Fg fpv