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BF Falcon rims and tyres questions


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Hi All,


I've got a set of mustang rims for my BF Falcon - yes, I'm aware the offset is way out of wack, I'm getting spacers machined to fixed that.


My question is - what offset is ideal for 19x9.5 rims? For whoever runs them, would I be able to get away with 35 or would I need to go down to 20/25.


Cheers guys.

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19x9.5 basically won't fit on the front of a B-series falcon without camber and/or majorly rolled+pumped (or in the extreme, cut and flared) guards unless you have ridiculous guard gaps (e.g. really high suspension, possibly even higher than OEM...). To clear the front suspension upright you need an offset of 25 or lower (e.g. can't go 26+ offset, as 25 offset is ~6.5mm closer to the suspension upright) as there's ~7mm of gap between an OEM 8" wide rim with it's 37.5 offset. For the outer clearance you have ~9mm with OEM guards (e.g. not rolled) and 9.5" pokes a lot more (~32mm extra) even at perfect inner offset of ~25:



For the rear, you can go up to 48 offset as that would sit ~29.6mm closer to the rear suspension trailing arm and you have ~30mm of space there with the OEM 8" wide rims with their 37.5 offset. Depending on what offset you go you can have the rims more flush etc as you have ~15mm of clearance in OEM form to an unrolled guard.



You can see how hard I had to work to fit a 20x9 on the front of my car without camber... lots of rolling and pumping and it still hits the guard in extreme scenarios :)

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