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6Sp Manual Gearbox Service

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Hi All,

Just picked up a manual XR6T FGX. Want to do a full service on the car including the gearbox. 

The service guide specifies using 3.85L of Dexron III oil.

Going through the forums, people have suggested using a Penrite ProGear 70W-75 Sin or Castrol Transmax Z.

Further, some have suggested adding 4.85L to remove the rollover noise and smoother shifts.

Most of these posts are from 2012 or earlier. Just wanted to know what is common to use in the TR6060 transmissions and what people have had success with. 

Last thing I want to do is too add too much fluid or the wrong type and do some damage.

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yes, the parameters are similar for the TR6060 as they are for the T56. You can use dexron 3 if necessary but those mentioned are better for noise reduction... take out the "reverse lockout" switch and fill through there until it dribbles over the side and you'll find it adds somewhere around 4.8L.

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Thanks for the reply guys. I've gone with Penrite AFT FS purely based that its fully synthetic and meets DEX 3 standards.

I had read that a couple of other guys have had issues with sticky gears with the ProGear stuff and Mal didn't recommend Transmax. 

I'll chuck it in this week and see how it goes. 

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