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Boost issue (Need some help)

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Hey guys, 


Been reading a few forum posts of members that had posted previously but thought id just post. 


Yesterday my car started playing up. On heavy acceleration the car starts to break up on boost. I have played around with slowly letting it on boost but it just eventually falls flat. On my boost gauge this seems to happen after about 5psi. 


I put fresh tank of fuel in last night as thought maybe fuel surge as was on 1/4 when this started but didnt help. Put fresh set of plugs in today and gapped them to 0.75mm however didnt help either. Checked all my injector clips everything was fine.


Fuel filter is new (changed about a month ago)

Fuel pressure regulator is new 

Possibly coils though my tuner put a set Bosch coils in about 10 months ago.


I think it could be one of these 3 things

- dodgy actuator, it is oem and I have a turbo smart ready to go in

- my walbro 255 is on its way out. Would this get worse on load?

- Coilpacks


I have checked my piping everything seems nice and tight. Will pull the front bar off tomrrow and make sure nothing is loose on intercooler.


What do you guys think?

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Just took the front bar off and inspected the intercooler piping. Some were loose though I dont think it would cause a splutter like this.


It could be, I don't think these were brand new (bosch coils) as he used these as his test set if some cars were having issues to diagnose coils.


Do fg coils fit on ba? I could try my friends fg coils though when working his car other day it didnt look the same as they are bolted down

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FG ones are different, but you could probably make them fit, but I don't know why you would want to.

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Bought a set of genuine coils and fitted today.

Weird today though before I changed the coils car was running normal and boosting fine.


After pulling the coils out one had light bubbling, seems like it cooked.

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